Lose Loose Skin – These Lasers Could Be the Answer

Woman with beautiful profile after skin tightening laser treatmentSooner or later, the aging process gets the better of us all. If you’ve been feeling like things are progressing just fine, you might wake up one day and feel like the years hit your face like a brick. If you reach that frustrating point, make sure to consider all your options before pursuing cosmetic treatment. Sure, loose, sagging skin will benefit from surgical intervention, but few patients are interested in taking things that far – and in our modern era, they no longer have to.

Skin tightening lasers help stimulate your skin’s cells and lead to renewal, regrowth, and a gentle tightening of your skin to pull everything back up where it once was. Skin tightening for the face or neck leads to a subtle, comprehensive change that is noticeable only as a youthful glow, not a surgical step. Get back your skin with these lasers – learn more below or by getting in touch with our staff.*

 Discover Skin Tightening Lasers

The power of light energy is unbelievable – especially when it comes to cosmetic treatments. Lasers are precisely constructed to impact certain layers of skin, allowing patients and providers to decide just how deep they want their treatment to go. Plus, there’s typically little to no downtime associated with treatment, so you can pursue aesthetic improvements without signing days over to the office or to your couch.*

Laser Aesthetic Center offers two technologies for comprehensive tightening and wrinkle reduction:

  • Titan – The Titan system delivers uniform energy across the dermis. This breaks down aging collagen and kickstarts healing processes. As the collagen heals, the skin tightens and gains elasticity. 2-3 treatments over a few months lead to ideal results – without any downtime along the way.*
  • Laser Genesis – Titan is effective on its own, but is even more effective when used alongside Laser Genesis. The two treatments in tandem help lift skin and also improve any wrinkles that might have been caused by sagging/skin laxity. Laser Genesis also improves redness and overall skin texture.*

*Disclaimer: Please note that there is no guarantee of specific results. Results may vary.

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