Identify Your Skin Care Goals To Bring Them to Life

Hinsdale skin care goals

Last post, we talked about resetting your skin post-summer damage. But tending to sun damage isn’t the only skin-related task on your mind. Unfortunately, it’s much easier to look at your skin and think “I want it to be different!” than to actually articulate the specific changes you’d like to see. But identifying those goals will help you get closer to making them a reality.

What’s the first step to breaking down your skin care concerns? Keep reading to learn how to think critically about your skin, and the at-home and in-office steps that will get it glowing.

Ways to Think Differently About Your Skin

  • Consider how your skin makes you feel – You might have noticed a drop in confidence lately – is it due to the way your skin is performing? Have you been wearing more makeup to try to cover up the problems? Are you struggling to attend social gatherings and feel good about yourself? Especially in the months after summer, you’re likely to feel dried out, see brown spots, and notice new fine lines.
  • Take a look at how your products are performing – We tend to get struck in ruts and continue using the same products for years on end, even if they’re not really doing their jobs. Your products’ ingredients might not be serving your skin. Feeling like your skin is too oily? Dry? Heavy? Dull? There’s a product or a procedure that will tackle that.
  • Keep a skin journal – Taking notes from day to day about how your skin is looking and feeling will help you identify what you like, and what you’d like to change.
  • Talk to a skin care expert – Schedule a free skin evaluation to learn more about what your skin truly needs, and learn more about how to discuss skin care in a detailed, productive fashion.

Skin Revitalization, At Home and In the Office

Once you’ve identified your skin’s needs, then comes the fun part. You’ll discover home care and regular, simple procedures that will satisfy your goals, and bring your skin into a happy place. Because there’s no one-size-fits-all recommendation, you’ll need to visit us so that we can examine you and discuss potential procedures. From the highly versatile PicoSure Focus for gentle skin resurfacing, to ever-reliable Botox for frustrating brow lines, to ongoing chemical peels for cell renewal and exfoliation, there’s a treatment that will help you achieve your dreams.* Get started today.

*Disclaimer: Please note that there is no guarantee of specific results. Results may vary.


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