Diminish Old Acne Scars By Combining These Two Treatments

Two acne scar treatments that work

For many men and women, embarrassing acne isn’t something that ends in the later parts of the teen years, and suffering from acne can also lead to visible scars that linger. Scars from acne can develop from cystic acne or from picking at your skin. Like other scars, those from acne can last a lifetime and affect your confidence in your appearance. Luckily, those problematic scars can be safely and effectively treated by combining two non-surgical solutions.

Stimulate collagen and diminish acne scars with Ultherapy and Microneedling from Laser Aesthetic Center.

Why You Still Have Acne Scars

Acne scars result from inflammation in your skin’s pores, leading to a break in the walls of your follicles. When this type of break is minor, the skin can heal independently with no visible marks left behind. However, when the follicle wall is deeply broken, infectious bacteria, oils, and dead skin cells can leak into the nearby tissue. This creates even bigger lesions under the surface of your skin.

Your body then attempts to repair this damage by creating new fibers of collagen. When too much collagen is produced, raised scars develop due to excess tissue growth during the healing process. In turn, if your body doesn’t produce enough collagen, you can lose tissue and develop depressed areas of scar tissue. These depressions can create the appearance of small indentations or holes where your skin suffered most from breakouts.

Finding Your Ideal Acne Scar Treatment

By thoroughly examining each type of present acne scar, Laser Aesthetic Center will help you develop the best acne scar treatment plan for your individual needs. During your free visual acne scar evaluation, we will be looking for different acne scarring and pigmentation types. Once your type of scarring has been determined, we can develop an ideal treatment plan for diminishing your scars.

Treatment Options That Really Work

Each person’s skin has different needs. Because of this, Laser Aesthetic Center offers different services to reduce or eliminate the presence of acne scars. While some patients may benefit from one type of treatment, others may find the most success from combining treatments for optimal results.

Microneedling and Ultherapy address different layers of the skin. Ultherapy delivers ultrasound energy deep within the skin to stimulate collagen production and improve scarring. Microneedling addresses the superficial layer of the skin to help break up scar tissue and stimulate new healing. This improves and diminishes acne scars to improve skin texture, tone, and evenness.


Ultherapy is a safe, non-surgical ultrasound-based technology that can lift and tighten the skin of the lower face, chin, and neck. Ultherapy is FDA-approved to elevate the skin, improve imperfections, and address lines and wrinkles. Focused ultrasound energy stimulates collagen generation and tightens treatment areas.

Most patients only need one treatment, and results are expected to be long-lasting. Some patients may benefit from additional treatments at least one year later.


If you’ve tried over-the-counter products to no avail, it’s time to consider microneedling to improve acne scars. This in-office procedure can treat a variety of skin care concerns, including scars and wrinkles, and it can also help significantly with acne scars’ appearance.

As the name suggests, microneedling utilizes fine needles that prick your skin. During the process, your skin is encouraged to produce more collagen to heal the small wounds from the needles. Once new collagen is formed, your skin’s appearance will smooth out, filling in fine lines, wrinkles, and scars.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, microneedling works best for depressed, not raised, acne scars. This has to do with the collagen-inducing effects. If you have raised acne scars, you already have excess collagen in the area.

Combining Treatments For Optimal Results

To learn more about whether this treatment approach is ideal for your skin, schedule a complimentary skin analysis with Laser Aesthetic Center. This will allow us to create the right treatment plan for your acne scars and overall needs. Contact us today to request your free acne scar analysis.

What To Expect During a Visual Acne Scar Evaluation

Visual acne scar treatment evaluation

Acne scarring is a long-term complication that affects up to 95% of patients who suffer from acne at some point in their life. Having acne scars can be emotionally distressing and affect many aspects of your life. From poor self-esteem to unemployment, these persistent scars can be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming to treat.

A comprehensive evaluation of your acne scars will help assess and develop a personalized treatment plan for your specific skin care needs.

How a Visual Evaluation Works To Improve Acne Scars

The only thing worse than acne breakouts is the deep, dark marks your pimples leave behind on your skin long after they’re gone. Whether your post-pimple reminder is a deep indent in your skin or a dark spot that’s more obvious than your original breakout, acne scarring and pigmentation can be frustrating.

By thoroughly examining each type of present acne scar, Laser Aesthetic Center will help you develop the best acne scar treatment plan for your individual needs. During your visual acne scar screening, we will be looking for the following types of acne scarring and pigmentation. Once your type of scarring has been determined, we can develop an ideal treatment plan for diminishing your scars.


Pigmentation is a darker discoloration of the skin rather than an actual scar. At times, pigmentation can present itself during the healing process after inflammation of acne has occurred. Hyperpigmentation tends to occur in darker complected individuals. Most of these dark patches will fade and disappear over time; however, you can do a few things to speed up the healing process, including:

  • Using products that include ingredients like Salicylic Acid and Retinol
  • Gently exfoliating the skin’s surface with a salicylic acid cleanser
  • Incorporating a Retinol serum to combat dark spots
  • Using a broad-spectrum SPF to prevent sun exposure from further darkening any spots

Boxcar Scars

Inflammatory acne that is red, inflamed, irritated, and pustule leaves behind boxcar acne scars. Shallow with sharp edges, boxcar scars almost look like something was pushed directly into the skin. The depression in the skin’s surface holds scar tissue that becomes forced into a downward appearance when compared to the rest of the skin.


Skin that has become discolored, bumpy, and raised is likely due to a type of scarring called a keloid. These mounds form as a result of the body trying to heal itself post-inflammation. Keloids happen when your body accidentally produces too many cells.

Icepick Scars

An icepick scar is a small depression in your skin. Almost puncture-like, icepick scars form when your skin loses collagen, causing the overlying skin to collapse and leave a hole. Typically narrow, yet deep, these scars are usually the result of cystic acne. Incredibly painful, cystic acne commonly forms on your jawline, chin, and cheeks due to hormones.

Rolling Scars

Rolling acne scars have a wave-like appearance. Tiny saucers usually give the skin a wavy texture. Rolling scars are almost always a result of long-term inflammatory acne. These scars can become more evident with age as your skin loses its natural tightness and elasticity.

Let Us Help You Find Your Ideal Acne Treatment Today

Acne scar treatment is unique for every patient. Laser Aesthetic Center is thrilled to introduce a new and exciting way to use dual-technologies to deliver excellent results. Ultherapy, combined with microneedling, allows us to target your skin’s deepest layers while microneedling resurfaces your skin on a superficial level.

If you’re ready to reclaim your once smooth skin and diminish your acne scars, contact Laser Aesthetic Center today to schedule your personalized visual acne scar evaluation.

Make Your Dermal Fillers Last Longer With These 6 Tricks

Tricks to make dermal fillers last longer

It’s a fact that the results you can achieve from dermal filler injectables won’t last forever. How long your results will last depends on several variables, including the type of filler, the thickness of the material in the formula, and where your dermal fillers are injected. Whether you’re looking to get fillers for the first time or getting them for years, it’s always ideal to have your results last for as long as possible.

Read on to learn about a few simple things you can do to maximize your results and make your dermal fillers last as long as possible with these six tricks.

Minimize UV Exposure

One of the most common causes of skin damage is overexposure to UV rays. Consistently protecting your skin against the harmful rays of the sun can extend the life of dermal fillers in addition to maintaining results from other skincare treatments. While exposing your skin to the sun, always be sure to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 45 or higher to protect yourself from direct UV radiation.

Be Consistent With Your Home Skincare Routine

As with many other cosmetic treatments, the benefits of injectables are that they will last longer for those who properly care for their skin. Those who keep their skin healthy by moisturizing daily and staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water will enhance the water absorption effect of hyaluronic-based fillers. In doing so, you will help to keep the treated areas plump and wrinkle-free.

Stay Away From Processed and Packaged Foods

The types of foods that you consume can directly affect your appearance and your skin’s underlying health. When it comes to maximizing the results of dermal fillers, we encourage all patients to stay away from processed and packaged food. Limiting the amount of sugar in your diet will also help extend the life of your fillers. Increased inflammation caused by these foods in your body has a direct impact on the overall appearance of your complexion, so be sure to make great food choices and eat right for your body.

Increase Your Zinc Levels

Some studies have suggested that Botox efficiency is directly linked to zinc levels within the body. Many individuals tend to have a slight zinc deficiency, so regularly taking a zinc supplement after your Botox treatment may help to prolong the anti-aging effects.

Be Mindful of Your Exercise Routine

All patients are encouraged to stay active, being overly active and burning a lot of calories after you just had dermal fillers can actually speed up the rate at which those fillers wear off. How quickly your metabolism works influences how soon your results will fade. The faster your metabolism, the sooner you will need additional treatment sessions.

If you already have one in place, continue your regular exercise routine. If you consider yourself an active person, keep in mind that you may need a repeat treatment sooner than later.

Schedule Maintenance Treatments Before Your Results Wear Off

The most effective way to continue to enjoy smooth and youthful skin after injections is to schedule maintenance appointments before the effects wear off. Recurrent treatments are especially useful for Botox as they may actually train targeted muscles to respond to the neurotoxin for extended periods.

Finding The Best Filler For You

At Laser Aesthetic Center, we offer a range of dermal fillers to help fill in lines and wrinkles and restore lost volume. To learn more about your options and about what you can do to make your fillers last for as long as possible, call us today to schedule a consultation appointment.

The 5 Areas on the Body That Show Signs of Aging First

Areas that show aging first

As we age, our skin starts to produce less collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and other essential components that keep our bodies youthful and radiant. The first signs of aging tend to show up in some places before others, including these five areas of the body that show signs of aging first.

The Corners of the Mouth

One of the first areas that begin to show the telling signs of aging is the corners of the mouth. The edges of your mouth turning down can easily make you look as if you are always frowning or angry. Fat loss in your cheeks leads to “marionette lines” on either side of your mouth, which contributes to the appearance of a permanent frown. As the neck’s platysma muscles begin to pull down over time, this can worsen the presence of these lines.

Finding a solution: Drooping corners of the mouth and marionette lines can easily be solved with properly placed Botox or Dysport. These fillers work by restoring lost facial volume and filling in deep lines and creases. Fillers can also be successfully used to reshape the lips, add volume, and correct asymmetry.

The Corners of the Eyes

Fine lines are commonly known as “crows feet” and start to form at the corners of the eyes as we age. Your eyes are involved in so many different facial expressions that these lines are often the first to show before wrinkles develop in other areas of your face. From smiling and laughing to frowning and squinting, these repetitive movements create dynamic wrinkles that show each time your face changes expression. Dynamic wrinkles turn to static wrinkles that remain even while at rest after time.

Finding a solution: Fine lines around the corners of the eyes can be easily corrected using a few techniques. Botox injections can help to relax the muscles that cause crow’s feet to form. Studies have found that starting Botox injections early and getting them regularly may help to prevent crow’s feet and other static wrinkles from forming. For those looking to treat already-present static wrinkles around the eyes (and other areas of the face, too!), Ultherapy is an incredible treatment for reducing the appearance of lines and deep wrinkles.

Vertical Creases Between the Eyebrows

Frown lines, “11 lines,” and vertical creases are all different names for the stubborn creases that form between the eyebrows. These deep lines resemble the number 11, which is precisely where they get their name. These lines start to show for the same reasons crow’s feet do: this is an area involved in many facial expressions leading static wrinkles to form quickly.

Finding a solution: Similar to previously mentioned solutions, vertical creases between the eyebrows are easily treated with Botox and Dysport. Healthy skincare habits like wearing sunscreen daily, keeping your body hydrated, and getting enough sleep all help to reduce the appearance of these lines and wrinkles.

The Backs of the Hands

The skin on the hands is very thin, just like the skin underneath our eyes, making it extremely fragile. Hands are often exposed to the elements that are the biggest culprits of damage, such as sun damage. These harmful UV rays can cause skin-plumping proteins, such as collagen and elastin, to break down quickly and allow dark spots to appear.

Finding a solution: Preserving the youthful look of your hands requires special attention. The most important thing you can do for the skin on your hands is to apply sunscreen. Reapplying throughout the day with an SPF 40 will help lock in moisture and keep your skin protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. If your hands require some extra TLC to restore their youthful appearance, professional anti-aging treatments like IPL for brown spot removal and Picosure Focus for skin renewal can help.

Loose Skin on the Neck

The skin on the neck is often forgotten about during at-home skincare routines. This area is also prone to develop wrinkles and show other signs of aging before the skin on the rest of our bodies catch up.

Finding a solution:  We offer a variety of treatment options and will help you select the treatment that fits your skin and your treatment goals. Ultherapy is the gold standard for sagging skin – it offers excellent results that take hold over time, and stimulates your body’s collagen production. Laser skin resurfacing also helps to improve fine lines and wrinkles caused by loose skin.

For more skincare tips and tricks for correcting the five areas on the body that show signs of aging first, contact Laser Aesthetic Center. We’re here to help keep your appearance as youthful as possible while determining the best treatment options for you!

Why Every Woman Over 30 Should Have a Digital Skin Analysis

Digital Skin Analysis For Women Over 30

Skincare treatment recommendations used to be based on what the naked eye could see and what was visible on the surface of the skin. There have been many incredible advancements in technology regarding skin health that can now allow us to see much more than just what is visible on the surface. Our team at Laser Aesthetic Center can customize an entire treatment plan to meet your skin’s health needs while restoring a youthful complexion by utilizing some of the new technology available for skin analysis.

The VISIA digital skin analysis machine is an incredibly advanced technology that can examine your skin health far below your skin’s surface. Here’s why every woman over the age of 30 should have a digital skin analysis.

How VISIA Digital Skin Analysis Works

VISIA Digital Skin Analysis is an exciting technological innovation that uses a multi-spectral imaging system to identify problem areas of your complexion, allowing for a customized skin treatment program explicitly targeting these areas. The VISIA Digital Skin Analysis is the first diagnostic tool to provide a clinical measurement of surface and subsurface epidermal irregularities and pigment conditions.

You’ll be asked to remove any makeup you are wearing on your face to give us the most accurate results. Your aging skin type will be entered into the VISIA system to compare your results to others in your peer group to provide us with a percentage grade based on the average person. Next, three different views of your face will be photographed with the specialized machine, and your data will be analyzed and gathered from what is found.

Age-Related Conditions To Watch For

While we highly recommend that any patient over the age of 30 have a VISIA digital skin analysis, there is no minimum age requirement for a session. A digital skin analysis can be performed at any age. It is typically recommended when a skin health issue needs to be addressed with a facial rejuvenation program or preventative program.

VISIA’s photographic technology captures a clear, multi-dimensional image of select facial areas while examining the severity of various age-related conditions such as:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hyper-pigmentation (age/dark spots)
  • UV Damage (sun spots)
  • Enlarged pores
  • Skin tone evenness (color variation)
  • Skin texture
  • Brown spots
  • Red spots
  • Porphyrins (evidence of bacterial growth)

A One-Hour Skin Evaluation

A VISIA Digital Skin Analysis is commonly scheduled for one hour during a one-on-one skin evaluation. During this evaluation appointment, one of our experienced providers will ask you about your skincare history to become acquainted with your skincare routine, any allergies you may have, and any skin health concerns. We will discuss how you would like to improve the quality of your skin, perform the digital skin analysis, and review product and treatment recommendations for you based on the results of your scan. During this appointment, we will also address how you can improve your complexion through at-home skincare regimen efforts and nutrition.

Find Out What’s Happening Beneath The Surface of Your Skin

We invite you to come in for a complimentary skin consultation at Laser Aesthetic Center, where we can meet with you and customize a treatment plan to address your specific skin concerns. Our expert skincare providers will perform a VISIA Digital Skin Analysis to learn more about your skin health before making any treatment recommendations. You can feel comfortable in knowing that only the most appropriate combination will be recommended for your unique skin condition.

To schedule your complimentary consultation and digital skin analysis, call us today to schedule an appointment.

Dermal Filler Injection Facts: Are Fillers Right For You?

Dermal Filler Lip Injections

There is only so much a great skincare routine can do when it comes to the appearance of your skin. The loss of collagen and volume, repetitive facial movements, gravity, and sun exposure all work against your skin’s appearance and the natural shape of your face.

Dermal fillers are different from Botox injections. Both help to improve the appearance of wrinkles and give your face a more youthful, relaxed look; however, fillers are designed to plump and smooth whereas Botox is used to prevent the muscles in your face from contracting.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers, also referred to as wrinkle fillers, are substances that come in a gel form that are injected beneath the surface to improve the skin’s appearance. These fillers can restore volume that has been lost due to aging and diminished lines and creases in the skin. Dermal fillers can enhance the contours and definition of the face while giving your skin a more youthful appearance. Dermal fillers are far more cost-effective than plastic surgery, and there is no downtime required.

Hyaluronic Acid

Most dermal fillers use hyaluronic acid as one of the main ingredients. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally and is found in the skin and other tissues. It has the unique ability to attract and hold moisture, making it an incredibly hydrating substance. One molecule of hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, allowing for the skin and injected areas to look hydrated, plump, and more youthful.

This type of filler offers temporary results that typically last around 6 to 12 months. Since hyaluronic acid is a natural substance, the body eventually absorbs the product over time. Hyaluronic acid fillers usually contain lidocaine, making the treatment relatively painless, minimizing pain and discomfort during treatment and after.

Common Treatment Areas

The most common treatment areas dermal fillers are used include:

  • Lips
  • Chin
  • Jawline
  • Under the eyes
  • Shallow contours of the face
  • Facial creases and deep lines and wrinkles
  • Recessed scars (from acne or chickenpox)

How Dermal Fillers Work

Dermal fillers replenish the collagen layer of the skin. Injections are placed at the sub-dermal levels of the skin’s surface and have an immediate effect on its volume. Where fillers are placed is essential to achieve a natural look. Each filler differs and should be purposely chosen based on how your skin and face are aging. You may see folds around your mouth, but this could be a symptom of missing volume in the cheek area.

Rather than selecting a specific brand of filler yourself, it is always recommended to first meet with an experienced provider. A consultation appointment allows you to achieve the desired results from the dermal filler that is right for you.

Recovery and Results

You can expect to see results immediately, and for your new appearance to last anywhere from 6 to 24 months in the cheeks, and six months in the lips. Depending on the number of areas being treated, dermal fillers take between 10 to 20 minutes to administer. There is no downtime required, and you may resume your routine immediately after. It is recommended to avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours after receiving injections. There may be some temporary minor discomfort or swelling that can last two to four weeks. Any pain or swelling can be treated by applying ice to the area.

If you are dissatisfied with your results, all dermal fillers that are hyaluronic acid can be reversed.

Which Dermal Filler Is Right For You?

Dermal fillers are a great way to improve the look of your skin and lips without invasive surgery. The right treatment for you will depend on your specific needs and desired results when it comes to Restylane vs. Juvederm or other dermal filler options. Every product excels in different areas, so it is critical to speak with a reputable provider before making any decisions.

Laser esthetic Center is here to help you determine which dermal filler treatment is right for you. Call us today to schedule a consultation appointment.

6 Common Myths and Misconceptions About CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting Myths

Almost everyone seems to have that one spot on their body where the fats do not seem to budge no matter the efforts. A non-invasive body contouring procedure known as CoolSculpting can help you eliminate unwanted fat without the need for invasive surgery. Many myths and misconceptions are surrounding this unique fat-freezing treatment and how to ensure long-lasting weight loss results. Here are six things anyone considering the procedure should know.

CoolSculpting Is Not A Weight Loss Treatment

For CoolSculpting to work and for you to achieve your optimal results, you must be the right candidate. Not intended for significant weight loss, CoolSculpting results will not be noticeable if you aren’t already within an ideal weight range. The perfect candidate for CoolSculpting is someone who already maintains a healthy and active lifestyle. Having great eating habits and exercising regularly is the best way to keep your results. How many inches you lose or the number on the scale will soon seem irrelevant when you begin to notice certain clothes fitting better than ever before.

You Won’t Lose Dramatic Inches Either

Losing inches should not be the end goal of CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is a body sculpting process that can eliminate up to 20% of fat in a treated area per session. Successful results are measured by the number of fat cells removed, and not by the number of inches lost. Removed fat cells will never grow back or be replaced, giving your body the upper hand in keeping unwanted fat at bay. That being said, fat cells that remain in treatment areas still have the ability to grow and store fat, so diet and exercise are a critical piece in maintaining your results.

CoolSculpting Won’t Tighten Skin or Improve Sagginess

The effects of CoolSculpting revolve around fat reduction underneath the skin and does not affect the top layer of your skin. This means that it’s not a viable treatment for skin laxity, and it won’t help you improve the appearance of sagging skin. Having good skin elasticity will help your body naturally contract to match the new contours of your body as it slowly eliminates the fat cells. An additional skin tightening treatment, such as Ultherapy, may be recommended to correct any loose skin.

Your Stomach Isn’t The Only Ideal Treatment Area

CoolSculpting works effectively in different areas of the body. It can be used to slim down and contour the abdomen, love handles, muffin tops, arms, and thigh area. Regardless of the area of the body, CoolSculpting can target and freeze fat cells to temperatures that trigger the body to eliminate them. As the fat cells crystallize, they begin to shrink, weaken, die, and metabolize from the body over a period of time.

Results Aren’t Instant

While proven to be safe and effective, the results of CoolSculpting are not immediate. Improvements will start to show about three weeks after the treatment as your body flushes away the frozen fat cells. The most dramatic change may be observed after two months and will continue for six months after treatment. Backed by the FDA and physicians nation-wide, CoolSculpting is scientifically proven to be an effective and medically sound fat reduction treatment.

CoolSculpting Isn’t For Everyone

As with any cosmetic procedure, you must be an excellent candidate to undergo a CoolSculpting treatment. Those with distinct, well-defined, or discrete pockets of fat that can be pinched and pulled from the body are ideal candidates. It’s also ideal that you have minimal skin laxity and healthy skin condition. CoolSculpting is not a perfect treatment for obese patients or those looking for dramatic weight loss.

To learn more about CoolSculpting and if you’re an ideal candidate for the treatment, contact Laser Aesthetic Center.

Professional Microneedling Benefits You Can’t Get From DIY Treatments

Professional Microneedling Benefits

Microneedling is an innovative skin rejuvenation treatment that can improve the overall appearance of the skin with minimal pain and no required downtime. The popular treatment involves the systematic creation of tiny microscopic skin injuries along the surface of the skin, which then stimulates the release of growth factors, such as collagen and elastin. The formation of new tissue enables the healing or repair of skin damage and scarring.

While microneedling can be done at home, there are certain benefits you will not be able to obtain from DIY treatments. Professional microneedling is far more superior, powerful, safer, and more productive. Here are five reasons to consider professional microneedling over at-home therapies.

Professional Microneedling Produces Better Results

Microneedling at home will result in minimal improvement, while professional microneedling with notable results in as little as one treatment. Home microneedling is unable to provide effective results for two key reasons:

Needle Size

At-home microneedles are typically less than 1mm in length, while professional microneedling devices often use needles between 1mm to 3mm. The longer needles used in professional treatments create more controlled wounding, providing you with more noticeable results. Long needles can be exceptionally dangerous in amateur hands, which is why you should never attempt to use professional-grade equipment at home.


When it comes to dermal rolling and microneedling, the technique is critical. You will never be able to obtain the degree of experience of a dermatologist or aesthetician who has been trained adequately from a YouTube video or a blog post. Professionals have performed microneedling treatments on a variety of different skin types, leaving them with the skillset to make adjustments depending on your specific skin concerns.

Multiple Treatments Aren’t Required

By combining professional-grade microneedling equipment and an educated technique, in-office microneedling treatments can be done less often with more intensive results. A single professional microneedling treatment every 3-6 months is typically optimal for most patients, while at-home microneedling requires consistent and frequent treatments.

Results Are Far More Superior

Professional microneedling treatments are a virtually painless procedure that will give you smoother, firmer, and younger-looking skin. Significant benefits of occupational microneedling therapies include:

  • Reduced wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improved acne scars
  • Reduced appearance of stretch marks
  • Reverses the signs of aging
  • Brightened overall appearance
  • Increased collagen and elastin production
  • Strengthened epidermis
  • No required downtime
  • Less expensive than laser therapies

Professional Treatments Are Safer Than DIY

Incorrect microneedling technique can be extremely dangerous as the process of creating skin injuries with a foreign object can quickly introduce and spread bacteria into the skin. The risk of infection is exceptionally high since the punctures microneedling creates in the skin can act as the perfect channel for bacteria to lodge into the epidermis. Professional microneedling minimizes the risk of infection as professionals are trained to thoroughly and adequately sterilize tools while performing the treatment in a sterile environment.

Professional Sessions Include Added Topicals

Microneedling is an ideal option for those looking to improve scarring, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, fine lines, and more without the need for downtime or recovery. By needling damaged skin, treatment helps encourage the body to replace damaged tissue with new cells. Old scars and damaged skin are replaced with healthy skin from the body’s natural healing.

Tiny microneedle channels created by the device create new collagen while the channels act as ideal vehicles for skincare products. Topicals will be able to access deeper layers of the skin and increase their efficacy. If you’re ready to learn more about Rejuvapen or whether microneedling is right for you, schedule a complimentary consultation with Laser Aesthetic Center.

What Causes Skin Discoloration? (And How To Fix It!)

Correcting Skin Discoloration

Underlying skin conditions often cause facial skin discoloration. The areas most frequently affected are those that commonly come into contact with the sun and other harsh elements, including the cheeks and forehead. Many treatment methods can diminish facial discoloration; however, there is only one treatment option that can address numerous issues while giving your skin a youthful glow.

Gain a fresh, more youthful look without the typical discomfort and downtime of invasive cosmetic treatments with PicoSure FOCUS.

Common Causes of Unwanted Pigmentation

The color of your skin is based on the amount of melanin in the skin. Age spots, sun spots, brown patches, and other skin pigmentation lesions are darker in color when compared to other parts of the skin due to the melanin being more concentrated in a specific area. The majority of pigmented lesions come from sun exposure, while another contributing factor is concentrated melanin from hormonal changes. Additionally, some people are born with pigmented lesions.

PicoSure Focus For Skin Rejuvenation and Hyperpigmentation

The FOCUS tip of the PicoSure laser magnifies 20x, which in turn creates Laser Induced Optical Breakdown (LIOB) in the epidermis. The production of new collagen and elastin is increased without the downtime or side effects of traditional fractional and ablative lasers. PicoSure FOCUS can effectively treat unwanted skin pigmentation, acne scars, and fine lines, and wrinkles.

This fast and easy non-surgical laser treatment is non-invasive and concentrates on problem areas. Whether you’re struggling with age spots, freckles, sun damage, pigmented lesions, or fine lines and wrinkles, PicoSure FOCUS can produce exceptional results. This revolutionary treatment is acceptable for treating several areas on the body, including the chest, decollete, face, legs, and hands.

How Does It Work?

FDA-approved, PicoSure is the first treatment of its kind. Unlike traditional lasers, this technology has a dual approach when treating skin conditions. A photothermal process and a photomechanical impact are combined to create a Pressure Wave. This combination breaks up pigments in the targeted area while keeping the surrounding tissue safe and without damage. Sunspots and other discolorations begin to fade after treatment.

The PicoSure pulse is magnified 20x and redistributed into microscopic patterns of ultra-high-fluence tightly focused regions, embedded in a low-fluence background. This process creates Laser-Induced Optical Breakdown in the epidermis, which stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin. The skin’s restored elasticity reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and scarring.

Concerns PicoSure Can Treat

  • Brown spots
  • Sun damage
  • Freckles
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Melasma
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Acne scars
  • Stretch marks

Treatment Areas

It is very safe and versatile to treat multiple areas of the body, including:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chest (décolleté)
  • Back acne
  • Butt acne
  • Arms/hands
  • Legs

Optimal Number of Treatments Needed

The optimal number of treatments will be determined at the time of your consultation as each patient is unique. Typically, a series of 3-4 treatments is recommended, but occasionally results can be seen after the first treatment or may require up to 6 treatments based on your specific needs. Acne scars will begin to show improvement in as little as two treatments, but a series of 3-5 treatments is often recommended for optimal aesthetic results.

Long-Lasting Results

PicoSure FOCUS allows patients to achieve incredible results without the prep time, patient discomfort, or necessary downtime of other laser treatments. Patients appreciate the fast treatment times, and typically experience only one hour of redness following a treatment, which allows them to return to their regular activities almost immediately.

If you’re bothered by the appearance of scars, lines, wrinkles, or skin pigmentation, schedule a consultation appointment with Laser Aesthetic Center. Together we will determine if PicoSure FOCUS is the right treatment for you.

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