Dermaplaning and Dermarollers

Hinsdale dermaplaningLaser work isn’t always necessary: your skin can benefit from simple, regularly administered treatments. The Laser Aesthetic Center offers dermaplaning and dermarollers to gently, comfortably renew the surface of your skin. If you’re interested in refreshing your skin texture and tone but hoping to keep treatment basic, these facial treatments could suit your needs.*

Dermaplaning in Hinsdale

Dermaplaning is a form of medical facial exfoliation. The entire process cleanses, tones, and refreshes the outer layer of your skin. Dermaplaning is typically performed as a regular treatment, in coordination with the skin growth cycle. The exfoliation process removes dead skin cells from your face to reveal the healthy skin beneath.*

During dermaplaning, we will first cleanse and tone your facial skin. One of our specialists will then painstakingly scrape away the surface skin layer, which consists of dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. This step is performed with a sterile surgical scalpel. It is performed across the face, excluding the nose, eyelids, and neck. Post-planing, we will apply specialized products designed to suit your skin’s needs and administer gentle facial massage. Your skin will not be red or uncomfortable after treatment,* and you’ll be able to reapply makeup as soon as you like.

Why Choose Dermaplaning?

By removing the external layer of dirt and dead cells, dermaplaning reveals healthier, more radiant skin. Your skin will have a fresh glow, clarity, and softness. By scraping away dead cells, dermaplaning tricks the body into believing the skin has been injured, leading to unparalleled cellular turnover and cell growth.* The treatment also removes fine hairs, which are common culprits behind dirt and oil gathering on the face. Dermaplaning has the added benefit of being downtime-free and inexpensive.


Micro needling / skin needling is a gentle form of collagen induction therapy. While dermarollers have been incredibly popular in parts of Asia for years, it is now becoming well-known in the US, UK, and Europe. Dermarollers don’t remove the skin’s external layer, but lightly penetrate the epidermis to stimulate growth.* Treatment has three steps:

  1. The dermaroller’s tiny, medical-grade microneedles puncture the epidermis and dermis. The size of the needles is not large enough to cause pain or draw blood. Patients won’t require numbing or anesthestic.
  2. The microneedles create minute channels through the skin, which as as paths for skin products (improving their effectiveness). These channels close within an hour.
  3. Post-treatment, the skin begins responding to the tiny punctures, generating fresh collagen and elastin. This thickens and firms the facial skin, reducing laxity and improving appearance.*

Dermarollers are less expensive than most skin care treatments, and can be used in the comfort of your own home. Patients may choose to use dermarollers on any area of the body. As always, we will advise you on the best way to use your dermaroller, and when you will see ideal results.*

Get in touch if you’re interested in learning more about facial exfoliation and renewal. We look forward to revitalizing your skin.

*Disclaimer: Please note that there is no guarantee of specific results. Results may vary.

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