Why Winter is the Perfect Time for Laser Hair Removal

Happy woman with smooth legs in winter.

It’s getting cooler out, and you may be covering up more, so you may not be thinking about your unwanted body hair. But the truth is winter might be the best time to consider permanent laser hair removal.

The cooler months are actually ideal for a bunch of reasons. If you want beautifully smooth skin by the time swimsuit season rolls back around, consider starting your laser hair removal treatments now.

Understanding Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal works by targeting concentrated light energy at the individual strand of hair. This energy heats up and damages the pigments inside the hair, reaching all the way down to the hair follicle. At this point, the follicle is rendered inert, meaning it will no longer be able to grow hair.

Why Choose Winter for Laser Hair Removal?

Because of the way laser hair removal works, there are a few factors that make this time of year the better choice when it comes to planning out your treatments. That’s why we recommend starting now for optimal results for spring and summer weather.

Minimize Sun Exposure Before and After Treatment

Laser hair removal works best on non-tan skin. The laser affects the pigmentation in the hair, so it works best on darker hair up against lighter skin. You will want to maximize the contrast between your skin and hair for best results and to avoid skin sensitivity in the treatment area.

Following your treatment, you will also be advised to avoid sun exposure to the area. You will be more susceptible to sunburn, heat rash, and pigmentation issues for the days following your treatment, so avoiding the sun is essential.

It is far easier to stay out of the sun in the winter months, making this part of your treatment plan simpler to follow. We spend more time indoors and tend to wear clothing that covers up our skin. You probably won’t have to go too far out of your way to minimize your sun exposure before and after treatment in the cooler weather.

You Can’t Wax or Pluck Before Treatment

While shaving is okay, we will recommend you don’t wax or pluck hair (or use chemical hair-dissolving treatments like creams) for several weeks before your treatment so that hairs are in the proper stage of growth for effective laser hair removal. If you prefer these as your go-to hair removal methods, it will be much easier to avoid them in the cooler months when you are more likely to be covered up.

See Maximum Results by Summer

Because laser hair removal only works at the growth stage of the hair’s life cycle, some hairs will escape the effects of treatment. Patients require a series of several treatments to make sure to affect all of the hairs in the treatment area during the optimal time frame. Each of these treatment sessions will be spaced a few weeks apart. For that reason, your full treatment schedule will take a few month’s time to complete. But don’t worry. Starting now means you will see your full results by the time the warmer weather makes its appearance.

Ready to Get Started?

We think you will love the results you get with laser hair removal. Just imagine not having to waste time and energy shaving, waxing, and doing whatever you can to get rid of unwanted hair. Not to mention dealing with the pain and skin irritation that comes along with those methods.

Wondering whether you are a candidate for laser hair removal and want to get soft, smooth skin by the time you break out those summer clothes? Contact us for a consult today.

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