The Ultimate Laser Skin Pigmentation Removal For Asian Skin

Asian skin treatments

If you have Asian skin, you already know how difficult it can be to find laser treatments that are suitable for your complexion. Asian skin types are more sensitive and prone to side effects with harsher skin treatments. Laser Aesthetic Center is delighted to be able to promote laser skin pigmentation removal for Asian skin with the PicoSure Focus laser (known as Pimiao in China). This gentle, light-based approach can help you regain lost confidence and restore your porcelain appearance.

Maintaining a “Porcelain Look” With PicoSure

Hyper-pigmentation, or dark spots, is caused by excessive production of melanin in the skin. Asians tend to have more melanin than Caucasian skin, and as a result, Asian skin is more prone to skin discoloration. There are many ways to treat hyperpigmentation; however, many come with risks.

PicoSure Laser Technology is the ultimate laser skin pigmentation removal treatment for Asian skin, and here’s why.

PicoSure Laser Technology

PicoSure is a groundbreaking laser technology for medical laser facials. Unlike other laser technologies that use heat to treat problem areas, PicoSure gently delivers ultra-short bursts of energy to targeted areas to improve the skin’s appearance. “Pico” means one-trillionth, and the PicoSure laser delivers pressurized energy at the rate of one-trillionth of a second, known as a “picosecond.” The benefit of this incredible speed, coupled with the laser’s use of energy, ensures that PicoSure will not burn the surrounding tissue. The results speak for themselves with less damage, as well as less discomfort for the patient.

Treating Hyper-Pigmentation and Discoloration

PicoSure laser treatment may be most commonly known for removing unwanted tattoos. However, it’s just as effective, if not more so, at rejuvenating and lightening the skin. PicoSure technology is the first of a new generation of lasers that don’t rely on heat to melt or burn away unwanted pigmentation. Instead, the PicoSure rapidly delivers pressure that blasts pigment into tiny particles that are then absorbed and eliminated by the body.

PicoSure offers a revolutionary technology that is designed to activate our body’s natural healing response. Gentle pressure from the laser heats the cells, which triggers your body’s natural cell signaling processes to create new collagen and elastic. With time, the appearance of wrinkles, scarring, brown spots, and other textural concerns improve. PicoSure is approved for use on all skin tones, making this procedure an ideal choice for patients of Asian descent.

PicoSure Vs. Fraxel Lasers

Fraxel is from one company, and PicoSure is from another. They are both fractional lasers. With a fractional laser, the energy used is divided into a honeycomb pattern when treating the skin. Fraxel is considered an older technology, and PicoSure is a more recent development with a higher safety margin, higher patient satisfaction, and little to no downtime required.

Unique Benefits of PicoSure Technology

Unwanted skin pigmentation can build up over the years, and freckles, scars, and dark spots can lead to a lack of confidence or feelings of frustration. PicoSure can address various skin conditions, including acne scars, melasma, sun spots, actinic keratosis, and keratosis pilaris.

Unique benefits of PicoSure technology include:

  • Quick treatment time
  • Virtually no downtime required
  • The ability to reverse sun damage
  • Safe for almost all skin types
  • Minimal treatments necessary to achieve desired results
  • Will not burn the skin

Ready To Learn More?

PicoSure skin rejuvenation treatments are incredibly safe for Asian skin when performed by a PicoSure laser expert at Laser Aesthetic Center. If you’re ready to stimulate skin collagen, reduce hyper-pigmentation, and achieve brighter, younger-looking skin, PicoSure is the ideal treatment for you. To learn more about skin treatment options for Asian skin, contact Laser Aesthetic Center to schedule a consultation.

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