Busting Beauty Myths – Don’t Believe These Aging Skin Rumors

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Nervous about how you should be treating your skin? Get the facts to ease your worries

Believe it or not, most consumers are guilty of perpetuating skin care myths at some point in their lives. Sarah bought a new supplement and it worked great, so she proclaimed that it was the end-all for anyone with dry skin. Or Colleen tried a new cream that had amazing results, and told all her friends that it was the best way to boost collagen. While these products may have made a difference, there’s no way to account for other factors present at the time. These experiences are all anecdotal – but they are taken as fact by those casually looking for their own solutions.

It’s time to clear away some of these beauty rumors. Whether the gossip is related to the effectiveness of home habits or associating a stigma with in-office procedures, it’s not doing anyone any good.

Breaking Down Common Beauty Misconceptions

  • Myth: People who care about anti-aging treatments are shallow – You should never feel ashamed of pursuing cosmetic treatments. If you’re interested in unlocking your skin’s potential, in-office procedures can make a significant difference. But how can you know what you need? Plus, nobody ages in the same way. While one person might feel good about their skin at age 45, their neighbor may be noticing more dramatic changes and feeling unhappy with the results. Do what you’re comfortable with and don’t worry about the rest. There’s nothing wrong with cosmetic treatment, and there’s nothing wrong with not choosing it, either. It all comes down to your own choice.
  • Myth: Facial muscle workouts prevent sagging – It is possible to strengthen your facial muscles. But this isn’t going to lead to tighter skin or a reduction in wrinkles. Your face doesn’t lose volume or sag because of weak muscles, it does so because collagen and elastin are breaking down. Repetitive muscle movements will actually deepen wrinkles.
  • Myth: Collagen cream will reduce signs of aging – Topical collagen treatments often sound too good to be true. This is typically a sign that the claims aren’t going to accomplish what they promise. Collagen molecules are too large to penetrate the skin, and will not make a difference to the skin’s structure. Creams help with moisturizing, but you can find much more affordable options for replenishing moisture. Only treatments that stimulate collagen growth will make a difference to aging skin.
  • Myth: Clothing and my car windows will protect me from the sun – Sun protection is a little tricker than you might think. While clothing will block some UV rays, t-shirts only provide the protection of a sunscreen with 5-10 SPF. Wear sunscreen even if you’re covered up, or get special sun protective clothing. Car windows block UVB rays, but not UVA rays, which are what lead to long-term skin damage. Don’t count on either for skin protection.
  • Myth: Tanning is necessary to get vitamin D – It’s true that getting enough vitamin D is important for your health. But the sun isn’t the only source, and it’s not necessary for you to get very much sun exposure to fill up on vitamin D. Typically, 10-15 minutes of indirect exposure each day is plenty.

What beauty myths are you uncertain about? Get in touch for answers.

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