Restore Your Skin This Winter With Laser Skin Resurfacing

Restore winter skin with laser skin resurfacing

Laser resurfacing treatments are among the most effective ways to eliminate old, tired, and dull skin cells. By stimulating your skin’s natural production of collagen, your skin will soon start to appear fresh, vibrant, and youthful.

When it comes to laser skin resurfacing in Hinsdale, Laser Aesthetic Center can provide patients with exceptional results when starting their treatments during the winter months. Here’s why winter is the ideal time to restore your skin with PicoSure Laser Skin Resurfacing.

Winter Is The Ideal Season For Skin Treatments

There are several reasons why cold weather months are ideal for laser resurfacing treatments. While laser treatments have minimal side effects, you are likely to experience some minor swelling and itching after having a treatment done. Many patients compare the sensation from treatment to a minor sunburn. Warmer temperatures can easily exaggerate any potential symptoms, which is why the colder winter weather is ideal for many skin treatments.

What To Expect During PicoSure Laser For Skin Rejuvenation

FDA approved for skin rejuvenation, PicoSure Laser Skin Resurfacing offers the most advanced laser skin treatment to remove skin imperfections. PicoSure gently delivers ultra-short pulses that penetrate and break down damaged skin cell layers until a smoother and healthier skin is achieved. The treatment promotes collagen and elastin production while stimulating a non-traumatic tissue healing response.

PicoSure is a quick and easy non-surgical and non-invasive laser skin treatment that focuses on problem areas in fewer treatments. Unlike lasers that rely on intense heat energy that leads to pain and significant redness, this gentle treatment provides impressive results without discomfort.

Laser skin rejuvenation has anti-aging benefits as aging skin layers peel away. Skin resurfacing can be applied to the face, neck, chest, legs, arms, and hands.

The Number of Sessions Needed Will Vary

Improve your skin’s look and achieve a more youthful appearance by removing pigmented lesions in only a few treatments. Darker, deeper, and broader pigmented lesions may require additional treatments to achieve your desired results. Treatment intervals are 2-4 weeks but can be up to 8 weeks for darker skin types. Each patient is unique and will be evaluated by Laser Aesthetic Center before beginning any treatment.

Treatment Is Safe and Relatively Comfortable

Lasers remove a variety of unwanted pigment. Age spots, freckles, and brown patches can all be removed with PicoSure. During your consultation, our practitioner will put together a treatment regime to help you achieve the pigment-free skin you desire. Most patients find the treatment tolerable and do not require any numbing cream or anesthesia. PicoSure delivers energy in ultra-short bursts, and patients often compare the laser pulse to a snap of a thin rubber band. The procedure can be performed in as little as 15 minutes or less, depending on the treatment area’s size.

Key benefits include:

  • Safe and highly effective
  • Minimal discomfort or pain
  • Little or no side effects
  • Requires fewer treatments
  • Removes skin imperfections
  • No injury to surrounding skin

Take Advantage of Shorter Days and Less Sun Rays

To minimize or eliminate your risk of UV-related skin damage both before and after laser resurfacing, it’s critical to limit your sun exposure in the weeks leading up to your treatment. Additionally, consistent sun protection measures will need to be implemented in the weeks following your treatment. We recommend patients avoid direct sun exposure following your laser resurfacing treatment for optimal healing and better results.

Take full advantage of the winter months when the days are shorter, and the sun’s rays are less intense and pamper your skin at Laser Aesthetic Center. Contact us today to start your PicoSure Skin Resurfacing journey.

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