Professional Microneedling Benefits You Can’t Get From DIY Treatments

Professional Microneedling Benefits

Microneedling is an innovative skin rejuvenation treatment that can improve the overall appearance of the skin with minimal pain and no required downtime. The popular treatment involves the systematic creation of tiny microscopic skin injuries along the surface of the skin, which then stimulates the release of growth factors, such as collagen and elastin. The formation of new tissue enables the healing or repair of skin damage and scarring.

While microneedling can be done at home, there are certain benefits you will not be able to obtain from DIY treatments. Professional microneedling is far more superior, powerful, safer, and more productive. Here are five reasons to consider professional microneedling over at-home therapies.

Professional Microneedling Produces Better Results

Microneedling at home will result in minimal improvement, while professional microneedling with notable results in as little as one treatment. Home microneedling is unable to provide effective results for two key reasons:

Needle Size

At-home microneedles are typically less than 1mm in length, while professional microneedling devices often use needles between 1mm to 3mm. The longer needles used in professional treatments create more controlled wounding, providing you with more noticeable results. Long needles can be exceptionally dangerous in amateur hands, which is why you should never attempt to use professional-grade equipment at home.


When it comes to dermal rolling and microneedling, the technique is critical. You will never be able to obtain the degree of experience of a dermatologist or aesthetician who has been trained adequately from a YouTube video or a blog post. Professionals have performed microneedling treatments on a variety of different skin types, leaving them with the skillset to make adjustments depending on your specific skin concerns.

Multiple Treatments Aren’t Required

By combining professional-grade microneedling equipment and an educated technique, in-office microneedling treatments can be done less often with more intensive results. A single professional microneedling treatment every 3-6 months is typically optimal for most patients, while at-home microneedling requires consistent and frequent treatments.

Results Are Far More Superior

Professional microneedling treatments are a virtually painless procedure that will give you smoother, firmer, and younger-looking skin. Significant benefits of occupational microneedling therapies include:

  • Reduced wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improved acne scars
  • Reduced appearance of stretch marks
  • Reverses the signs of aging
  • Brightened overall appearance
  • Increased collagen and elastin production
  • Strengthened epidermis
  • No required downtime
  • Less expensive than laser therapies

Professional Treatments Are Safer Than DIY

Incorrect microneedling technique can be extremely dangerous as the process of creating skin injuries with a foreign object can quickly introduce and spread bacteria into the skin. The risk of infection is exceptionally high since the punctures microneedling creates in the skin can act as the perfect channel for bacteria to lodge into the epidermis. Professional microneedling minimizes the risk of infection as professionals are trained to thoroughly and adequately sterilize tools while performing the treatment in a sterile environment.

Professional Sessions Include Added Topicals

Microneedling is an ideal option for those looking to improve scarring, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, fine lines, and more without the need for downtime or recovery. By needling damaged skin, treatment helps encourage the body to replace damaged tissue with new cells. Old scars and damaged skin are replaced with healthy skin from the body’s natural healing.

Tiny microneedle channels created by the device create new collagen while the channels act as ideal vehicles for skincare products. Topicals will be able to access deeper layers of the skin and increase their efficacy. If you’re ready to learn more about Rejuvapen or whether microneedling is right for you, schedule a complimentary consultation with Laser Aesthetic Center.

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