6 Common Myths and Misconceptions About CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting Myths

Almost everyone seems to have that one spot on their body where the fats do not seem to budge no matter the efforts. A non-invasive body contouring procedure known as CoolSculpting can help you eliminate unwanted fat without the need for invasive surgery. Many myths and misconceptions are surrounding this unique fat-freezing treatment and how to ensure long-lasting weight loss results. Here are six things anyone considering the procedure should know.

CoolSculpting Is Not A Weight Loss Treatment

For CoolSculpting to work and for you to achieve your optimal results, you must be the right candidate. Not intended for significant weight loss, CoolSculpting results will not be noticeable if you aren’t already within an ideal weight range. The perfect candidate for CoolSculpting is someone who already maintains a healthy and active lifestyle. Having great eating habits and exercising regularly is the best way to keep your results. How many inches you lose or the number on the scale will soon seem irrelevant when you begin to notice certain clothes fitting better than ever before.

You Won’t Lose Dramatic Inches Either

Losing inches should not be the end goal of CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is a body sculpting process that can eliminate up to 20% of fat in a treated area per session. Successful results are measured by the number of fat cells removed, and not by the number of inches lost. Removed fat cells will never grow back or be replaced, giving your body the upper hand in keeping unwanted fat at bay. That being said, fat cells that remain in treatment areas still have the ability to grow and store fat, so diet and exercise are a critical piece in maintaining your results.

CoolSculpting Won’t Tighten Skin or Improve Sagginess

The effects of CoolSculpting revolve around fat reduction underneath the skin and does not affect the top layer of your skin. This means that it’s not a viable treatment for skin laxity, and it won’t help you improve the appearance of sagging skin. Having good skin elasticity will help your body naturally contract to match the new contours of your body as it slowly eliminates the fat cells. An additional skin tightening treatment, such as Ultherapy, may be recommended to correct any loose skin.

Your Stomach Isn’t The Only Ideal Treatment Area

CoolSculpting works effectively in different areas of the body. It can be used to slim down and contour the abdomen, love handles, muffin tops, arms, and thigh area. Regardless of the area of the body, CoolSculpting can target and freeze fat cells to temperatures that trigger the body to eliminate them. As the fat cells crystallize, they begin to shrink, weaken, die, and metabolize from the body over a period of time.

Results Aren’t Instant

While proven to be safe and effective, the results of CoolSculpting are not immediate. Improvements will start to show about three weeks after the treatment as your body flushes away the frozen fat cells. The most dramatic change may be observed after two months and will continue for six months after treatment. Backed by the FDA and physicians nation-wide, CoolSculpting is scientifically proven to be an effective and medically sound fat reduction treatment.

CoolSculpting Isn’t For Everyone

As with any cosmetic procedure, you must be an excellent candidate to undergo a CoolSculpting treatment. Those with distinct, well-defined, or discrete pockets of fat that can be pinched and pulled from the body are ideal candidates. It’s also ideal that you have minimal skin laxity and healthy skin condition. CoolSculpting is not a perfect treatment for obese patients or those looking for dramatic weight loss.

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