5 Ways To Keep Your Skin Looking Hydrated Without Drinking Water

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Drinking your recommended eight glasses of water each day is the best-known way to keep your body hydrated. Not a water fan? There are plenty of alternative options to keep your body functioning and your skin looking flawless. Reaching for some of these water-rich foods and fluids that keep the H2O balance in your body just right may be the answer to achieving that perfect dewy complexion.


Focus on Foods with High-Water Content

Many people don’t like to drink plain water, or just don’t have the habit of doing it. However, much of the water we take in each day comes from food. You can ensure proper hydration by drinking other fluids and by eating foods that have high-water content.

Spinach. Spinach has more than 92 percent water and a high content in potassium and calcium. It also contains many other minerals and vitamins, mainly group B vitamins.  Because of its antioxidant content, it’s known as an anticancerous food.

Broccoli. Broccoli also has high water content, and it’s packed with minerals and vitamins, mainly A, D, and K. Broccoli contains phytonutrients that have a substantial impact on the body’s detox system. It also has cancer-fighting and immune-boosting properties.

Fruits. All fruits have very high water content. Most of them are an excellent source of vitamins and fiber as well. In addition to tomatoes, referenced above, other fruits with the highest water content include watermelon, strawberries, grapefruit, kiwi, oranges, and cantaloupe.

Cucumber. This veggie has the highest water content of any solid food at 95 percent. It’s very versatile. You can consume it in salads, smoothies, as a snack, or chilled soups. It also contains vitamin E and essential oils.

Celery. Apart from its high water content, celery has fiber, folate, and vitamins A, C, and K.

Radishes. This food also contains antioxidants, and their crunchy texture makes them perfect for summer salads.

Tomatoes. This fruit contains 94 percent water, vitamin C, and is packed with antioxidants, especially lycopene, a cancer-fighting antioxidant.

Cauliflower. It contains up to 92 percent water and is also packed with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins—mostly C and group B.

Coconut water. This popular drink has a high electrolyte content and potassium, which plays a crucial role in regulating body fluids. You can drink it straight or add it to a smoothie. You may want to pay attention to the sugar content and choose a variety without added sweeteners. Be aware that coconut water doesn’t have any fiber content.


Eat What’s In Season

Pack your plate with color by indulging on fresh fruits and vegetables. Produce supplies water, in addition to vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Before you head off to the produce department, research what fruits and vegetables are currently in season. Not only will they be more flavorful and delicious, but you will also save some money at the checkout stand.


Give Up Carbohydrate-Loaded Foods

Foods like chips, crackers, and pretzels have very low water content and also strip your body of hydration. Take the opportunity to snack on something more hydrating and helpful the next time a craving strikes. Snacks with higher water content such as yogurt, fresh or frozen fruit, raw vegetables, or smoothies can be just as satisfying.


Add Oats Into Your Diet

Oats expand and absorb the water or milk that they are cooked in, creating an unexpected source of fluid. Starting your day with a bowl of creamy oatmeal may give your body additional benefits. Oats are high in the soluble fiber beta-glucan, which has numerous health benefits. Oats can help to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels, promote healthy gut bacteria, and increase the feeling of being full for more extended periods.


Add Flavor To Your Beverages

Many people find drinking their daily amount of water difficult because of the less-than-appealing flavor of tap water. Spice up what you sip on throughout the day by incorporating flavors. Flavored drinks are typically easier to drink, meaning you are much more likely to drink a more considerable amount. Try infusing your water with fresh fruit, or brewing some homemade iced tea.


Skin Still Lacking Hydration?

If you are still finding your skin looking dull and dry after increasing your H2O intake, consider a skin treatment with Laser Aesthetic Center. The HydraFacial is the only hydradermabrasion procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration simultaneously. The treatment is soothing, moisturizing, non-invasive, and perfect for every skin type. Call today to schedule your free consultation and to learn more about why the HydraFacial is the ideal treatment for you.


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