5 Must-Do Winter Skin Treatments

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Winter may initially seem like the perfect time of year to take a break from your skincare routine because you’re covered from head to toe in fabrics and layers, but reality is, winter is the perfect time of year to give your skin some much-needed attention.

Get out your calendar and schedule in these top 5 must-do winter skin treatments.

Why Winter is Ideal for Laser Treatments

Laser Hair Removal. The reduced risk of sun exposure is not only safer for treated skin, but the absent rays makes laser treatments more effective as the laser seeks out pigmentation and isn’t misled by a tan.

Because laser hair removal is largely based on skin tone, having a tan-free surface for treatments means better results for you. Having the least amount of melanin on your skin makes getting laser hair removal treatments safer, easier, and more effective.

Laser Tattoo Removal. While you can begin treatment for laser tattoo removal any time of year, the winter months are ideal to begin treatment because of the reduced risk of sun exposure. You’re also less likely to experience an infection from beloved summer activities like swimming in the lake or ocean, and skipping shaving or waxing won’t be a problem because it’s easier to cover up your fading tattoo in colder weather.

PicoSure Focus. Treat unwanted pigmentation, wrinkles, and acne scars without damaging the surrounding healthy skin with this aesthetic laser treatment that operates with briefer pulses than any other laser. The treatment can lift years from your appearance, leaving your skin more youthful and radiant.

Chemical Peels and Micro-Needling

When getting a chemical peel on your face, the most important rule to follow is to make sure you keep your vulnerable skin out of the sun. Because peels encourage cell turnover and remove superficial layers, your skin will be more sensitive to the sun’s harmful rays. Take advantage of the cool winter air and schedule a micro-needling session that allows nutrients like vitamins C and E to penetrate and rejuvenate skin that gives you a radiant winter glow.

Reducing the Appearance of Cellulite

Certain skin smoothing treatments that use needle devices to treat the appearance of cellulite can often have the unwanted side effect of bruising or irritation of the treated area. Cellulite treatments are often recommended for the winter months to allow any areas to be covered by clothing, and when sun exposure is at a minimum.

Other Skin Treatments to Book Before Spring


Eliminate stubborn fat with no surgery and no downtime with CoolSculpting. Using advanced cooling technology to safely target fat cells and destroy them, results from CoolSculpting are proven, noticeable and lasting. Once treated, the fat cells should not come back and you’ll be left feeling great from every angle.


A facial will give your skin the nourishment and moisturizing it craves when the air is dry and cold. Revitalize your gray winter skin and leave looking like you’ll never need makeup again.

Visible Veins

Gone are the days when surgery was the only way to treat varicose veins. Today’s treatment methods provide patients a variety of ways to improve the appearance of bulging veins and enhance comfort. With noninvasive treatment options, laser vein treatments are both effective and involve little to no downtime.

Make Time For Your Skin

Whether it’s finally getting that regretful tattoo removed, or scheduling your first consultation to get those varicose veins removed that appeared during your pregnancy, these treatments are ideally performed during the winter months. Whatever changes you make to your body for yourself now will be the thing you’re most excited to reveal come spring and summer. Invest in your best self and let us help you achieve confident, glowing skin you’re proud of!

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