Is Your Body Spring Break Ready? It Can Be With CoolSculpting

woman in bikini holding a yellow scarf at the beach.

With spring break fast approaching and bikini weather following suit, it’s likely that trips to sunny locations are in your not-too-distant future. Diet and exercise are the first steps towards trimming down, but if these methods have failed you in the past and left you with trouble zones that refuse to disappear, you may be wondering what else you can do to achieve your body goals.

CoolSculpting is the perfect solution for those who have achieved a healthy weight and can’t shake the stubborn fat. This revolutionary technology uses fat-freezing to disrupt fat cells, so they die and are permanently eliminated from the body. The results appear in as little as three weeks with full results showing by three months, so there is no better time to start getting your body bikini ready.

How CoolSculpting Targets Stubborn Fat

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved fat-targeting treatment. Fat cells freeze at higher temperatures than surrounding tissue, making this treatment ideal for eliminating excess fat cells from trouble areas. Cold temperatures target fat cells without damaging the surrounding skin and tissue in a process known as cryolipolysis. Over the course of weeks, the targeted fat cells begin to die off and are eliminated by your body’s natural waste removal systems.

Because it takes time for your body to eliminate the distributed fat cells, you won’t begin to see results for about three weeks. Optimal results appear about eight weeks after treatment, and your body will continue to flush out fat cells for up to six months.

Zero Downtime or Discomfort

This treatment is completely non-invasive, so there are no surgery preparations or downtime required. You will be able to go right back to your normal activities following any sessions as your body begins to reduce stubborn fat cells beneath the surface.

During your treatment, you may feel distinct cooling in the first few minutes. Treatment times vary depending on what part of the body you are having treated. Majority of treatments take only 35 minutes per area, while other regions can take 45-60 minutes.

What It Can’t Do

CoolSculpting is not a treatment to correct obesity. It works to eliminate small pockets of fat from specific zones along the abdomen, thighs, and flanks. It does not promote weight loss and should not be used as a weight loss tool. This treatment can help sculpt the body you already have so you can look your best from every angle. If you have achieved your goal weight and are looking to put the finishing touches on a figure that you have created through diet and exercise, CoolSculpting may be the ideal solution for you.

Plan Ahead For Spring Break Results

After CoolSculpting freezes unwanted fat cells, your body metabolizes and eliminates them gradually over a 2-3 month period. If you’re planning a spring break trip, beginning a treatment plan as soon as possible is the best way to start seeing results. Even if you do not achieve full results by spring break, remember that the summer sun is not far behind!


Pack Your Bikini and Your Confidence

Perhaps one of the major perks to CoolSculpting is that your results will be revealed gradually. Your new shape won’t raise eyebrows, and you will only have to reveal your secret of CoolSculpting to your friends if you choose to. The decision to sing the praises of CoolSculpting or have everything think you lost inches through hard work and determination is up to you.

Are you ready to have the best bikini body on the beach? There is no better time prepare for swimsuit season. If you want to learn more about CoolSculpting and whether or not it’s the right solution for you, schedule a consultation appointment with Laser Aesthetic Center today.


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