What to Expect from Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal can be intimidating and mysterious. How, exactly, does laser tattoo removal even work? Does it hurt? And what else should you expect from treatment? While the tattoo removal process is a marathon, not a sprint, modern techniques mean that tattoo removal is more effective, and more comfortable, than ever before. How Laser Tattoo Read More

Why Winter is the Perfect Time for Laser Hair Removal

It’s getting cooler out, and you may be covering up more, so you may not be thinking about your unwanted body hair. But the truth is winter might be the best time to consider permanent laser hair removal. The cooler months are actually ideal for a bunch of reasons. If you want beautifully smooth skin Read More

Most Popular Areas for Laser Hair Removal

If you’ve ever considered laser hair removal, you may already have a good idea of which area of the body you would treat. Laser hair removal saves you time, makes your life easier, and boosts your confidence. So, of course, it may be hard to pick just one area! Here are some of the most Read More

7 Reasons Ultherapy is Better Than a Facelift

Ultherapy is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional facelift. What’s not to love? Ultherapy is an entirely non-invasive way to tighten skin and get a more youthful appearance. Could it be a better choice than facelift surgery? We are not going to lie – a facelift offers much more dramatic results than this Read More

How to Get the Most out of Your Medspa with Combo Treatments

Are you considering investing in minimally invasive anti-aging treatments but there seem to be so many great options that you can’t decide which are right for you? There are a lot of attractive options available, so it can be impossible to choose just one, especially if you have more than just one skincare problem area. Read More

Areas of the Face That Age the Fastest

Believe it or not, scientists spend lots of time studying how our faces age. Thanks to them, we know quite a bit about common aging patterns. What is interesting is that even one small area can have a visual effect on how we see the rest of the face. Conversely, small improvements to certain features Read More

Why Do I Have Acne Scars?

Suffering from acne can be a real struggle. Even though you should know acne is common and you are not alone, dealing with acne and worse – the scars it leaves behind – can be really frustrating. Understanding what is going on with your skin can help you to avoid and minimize scarring. And the Read More

How Does Dissolving Fillers Work?

Lip fillers are undoubtedly commonplace right now, but like anything else, some of those who partake can wind up with “fillers-remorse.” There could be any number of reasons you aren’t 100% satisfied with your lip filler results. And that’s okay because lip filler is anything but permanent. Answers to Your Questions About Dissolving Fillers Lip Read More

5 Uses for Dermal Fillers You Haven’t Heard Of

We’ve all seen what dermal fillers can do for smoothing wrinkles and plumping lips. But did you know that dermal fillers can do so much more? With the experience and skill of professionals, dermal fillers can be used to contour the shape of the face as well as treat other surprising cosmetic concerns. The great Read More

Will I See CoolSculpting Results by the End of the Summer?

CoolSculpting is a cutting-edge fat-reduction technique that has a lot to offer: it’s minimally invasive, requires little downtime, no incisions are needed, and your results appear over time, so there is no sudden change that says you’ve “had work done.” But these benefits mean you have to wait a short time to enjoy the ultimate Read More

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