Will I See CoolSculpting Results by the End of the Summer?

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CoolSculpting is a cutting-edge fat-reduction technique that has a lot to offer: it’s minimally invasive, requires little downtime, no incisions are needed, and your results appear over time, so there is no sudden change that says you’ve “had work done.”

But these benefits mean you have to wait a short time to enjoy the ultimate outcome of your CoolSculpting treatment. So just how long will it take to get to that result, and will you see improvement this summer if you get started now?

Why Does CoolSculpting Take Time

Unlike liposuction surgery which physically removes fat at the time of the procedure, CoolSculpting uses a precisely controlled cooling technology to freeze fat cells to the point they become damaged and die off.

This process is completely non-invasive. It does not require anesthesia, incisions, or even injections. Instead, it damages the fat cells from the outside, taking advantage of the body’s own natural mechanisms to remove fat.

First, cells are cooled to a specific temperature that leaves all other tissue unharmed but specifically freezes only the fat cells. At first, these cells remain in place, but they are crystalized by the cold temperature and become damaged and non-functional. As time passes, the body will reabsorb the destroyed fat tissue into the body and remove it via its natural waste removal processes.

CoolSculpting Results Timeline

What can you expect before, during, and after your CoolSculpting treatment?

Before Treatment

There is very little prep involved in CoolSculpting. You will have a consultation to discuss your areas of concern and goals. Your provider will determine if you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting. Because it is not a weight loss procedure, this means you are close to your ideal weight and seek to spot-reduce fat.


Treatment typically takes a half hour to a couple of hours. Most patients do not find treatment uncomfortable or painful. After the treatment, the area will be massaged to help break up the tissue that has been frozen and damaged.

After Treatment

You will experience no significant downtime after treatment. For the most part, you can go back to normal activities right away. You may experience some tenderness, redness, or bruising in the area for a couple of days.


Some results can be visible within three weeks. Results will continue to improve over time. Your most noticeable results should be visible about three months following the procedure and can even continue to improve for up to six months. Some patients will opt to have more than one CoolSculpting session to attain optimal results.

Will I see the Results this Summer?

If you get CoolSculpting right now, you may begin to see results by the end of the summer. However, full results would not appear for several months.

That said, there is never a bad time to start treatment, and the sooner you have your first session, the sooner you’ll see a change. Results from CoolSculpting are permanent; once the fat cells are frozen away, those cells will not return.

Is it Ok to Get CoolSculpting During the Summer?

While there are certain other cosmetic treatments, such as certain skin resurfacing procedures that you should avoid during the sunny summer months, you can get CoolSculpting any time of year. There is minimal downtime, and you can go back to regular activities soon after treatment. As we mentioned, there are no incisions or other signs of treatment as there would be with liposuction, so you are swimsuit ready right away.

If you are interested in finding out if CoolSculpting is right for you, get started today by scheduling a free consultation. We can help develop a treatment plan for noticeable and natural-looking results.


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