5 Ways Your Skin Benefits From Cool Winter Temperatures

cold weather skin benefits

Seasonal changes in the winter air naturally extract moisture from the skin, causing excessive dryness and cracking that can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Skin can become more aggravated, inflamed, and painful during the winter months if you already suffer from skin issues like eczema. That being said, the winter weather isn’t entirely bad for your skin, and there are a few notable benefits to cooler temperatures.

Cold weather can help your skin and fight back against aging combined with a great winter skincare routine. Here are five ways your skin benefits from cooler winter temperatures and what you can do to keep your skin hydrated to promote long-term skin health.

Winter Skin Benefit #1: Pores Stay Open and Unclogged

Colder temperatures can act as a tonic or astringent, reducing clogged pores and keeping them less visible. Cold weather also slows down and prevents sebum secretion, keeping shine at bay and waterproofing your skin and hair. Open pores and less oil mean reduced acne as well.

Winter Skin Benefit #2: Puffiness and Inflammation Isn’t an Issue

After an injury, you likely apply ice packs to decrease swelling and pain. Cold air acts like a natural ice pack to decrease inflammation. Cold weather also promotes blood circulation in both the face and the rest of your body. An increase in circulation means reduced inflammation and naturally less-puffy eyes.

Winter Skin Benefit #3: Your Body Sleeps Better In Cooler Weather

Sleep is vital for healthy-looking skin. From reducing under-eye circles to giving you a glowing complexion, a full night’s sleep is imperative. Warm nighttime temperatures in the summer months actually disturb your sleep patterns causing tossing and turning for most people. Cooler temperatures while you sleep mimics the body’s natural drop in internal temperature that occurs a few hours after you doze off.

If your bedroom temperature is set between 60 and 67 degrees, you might burn more calories, too.

Winter Skin Benefit #4: Your Cheeks Stay Rosy

Moderately cold temperatures train your blood vessels to be responsive, causing a pleasant pink hue in your cheeks. If you plan to be out in colder weather, feel free to skip the blush for an all-natural look.

Winter Skin Benefit #5: Aging Slows Down

Cold weather enhances the complexion and rejuvenates the skin. In a way, it slows down the aging process by keeping skin tight, vibrant, and radiant. Think of a free cryotherapy spa treatment the next time you step outside and feel a chill.

Moderately cold temperatures can be good for the skin’s overall health by constraining blood vessels. This makes blood vessels less prone to redness and swelling.

Rejuvenate Dry Winter Skin With a Holiday HydraFacial

A HydraFacial is one of the best and most effective treatments to combat seasonal changes and restore moisture to your winter skin. The HydraFacial is a professional skin resurfacing treatment that uses a combination of advanced medical-grade skincare serums and vacuum technology to exfoliate and rehydrate skin.

Using a hand-held device, your HydraFacial provider will apply specialized cleansers and serums to your skin in a consistent, spiral motion. A vacuum also is activated to remove skin impurities deep in your pores and exfoliate dead skin cells.

Following cleaning and exfoliation, your face receives high-quality moisturizing serums that contain antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients to rehydrate your skin and provide it with essential nutrients.

Treatments can be done in less than 30 minutes and require no downtime. Improve your overall skin health and go right back to your usual routine without limitations.

Treat your skin (and yourself!) to a winter skincare HydraFacial treatment from Laser Aesthetic Center this holiday season to give your skin the nourishment and moisture it craves most during winter. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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