5 Reasons Why CoolSculpting Doesn’t Always Work

Why CoolSculpting Doesn't Always Work

Not everyone experiences the same incredible results from CoolSculpting. Like many other cosmetic treatments, you must be a good candidate to achieve the type of results most marketing posters advertise. On average, clients see a 20-25% reduction in the fat layer treated with CoolSculpting, and the type of fat a patient has is a significant factor.

Here are a few reasons why you (or that person on the internet) didn’t get the results they were hoping to from CoolSculpting treatments.

Not Everyone Is a CoolSculpting Candidate

Not everyone sees the same results after CoolSculpting because not everyone has the right kind of fat to be a good candidate. CoolSculpting works best on the fluffy fat that lies above the muscle wall, formally known as subcutaneous fat. If a provider is inexperienced, they may misdiagnose what type of fat a patient has, which would leave someone with no results.

Clients Must Have Realistic Expectations

Patients should be entirely aware that the results they can expect from a non-surgical fat reduction procedure, like CoolSculpting, are not the same as liposuction. Similarly, if a patient is looking for skin tightening or skin reduction, a non-surgical treatment like CoolSculpting will not help you achieve those results. Non-surgical treatments cannot replicate surgical techniques that are more definitive.

The Right Applicator Has To Be Used

It is possible to see no results from CoolSculpting, but it’s rare. In those cases, the patient was likely treated by another provider who lacked the education on how to appropriately place the CoolSculpting hand pieces to ensure maximum contact with the cooling panel. Additionally, each person’s body fat presents differently, which is why there are different applicators. If a provider does not understand how the technology works and how to select the correct applicator, it’s likely you won’t see results.

CoolSculpting Results Take Time

Another common reason why CoolSculpting results are misinterpreted is that results aren’t immediate. Unlike other surgical procedures, like liposuction, where fat is removed immediately, CoolSculpting takes time to see the full effects. Final CoolSculpting results aren’t experienced until around 8-12 weeks. You will continue to lose fat throughout this period, so it’s essential to take before and after photos to document the process since it’s gradual.

Repeat Treatments May Be Necessary

CoolSculpting treatments remove about half a cup of fat per applicator per session. If a patient has a lot of fat, more than one CoolSculpting session will be necessary. Our providers at Laser Aesthetic Center strive to be transparent with our patients about what type of results they can expect and how many sessions they are likely to need to achieve their desired physique. Establishing realistic expectations is the best way to avoid frustration or disappointment in treatment results.

CoolSculpting Works When Done Right

We believe that results and experiences vary so dramatically from CoolSculpting treatments because there are so many providers. The CoolSculpting machine is just a tool, and it’s up to the skill set and knowledge of the provider to use the technology properly.

At Laser Aesthetic Center, our providers are trained and experienced in using CoolSculpting to help patients achieve optimum results, and our patient testimonials speak for themselves. We offer an in-depth consultation to all patients where we discuss the procedure in detail to understand what the treatment can do for you. Call us today to reveal the body of your dreams with CoolSculpting.

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