Why More Men Are Trying Laser Hair Removal

men's laser hair removalWomen have long been finding ways to remove their body hair. Different cultures around the world have engaged in regular hair removal for thousands of years, with copper razors from as long ago as 3000 BC unearthed in Egypt and Mesopotamia. But while women have had a historical concern with getting hair-free, men are a different story.

The concept of body hair as a “manly” feature is losing hold of our society. Of course, some men (and the women who are attracted to them) prize a hairy chest or arms. But a hairy back is a different story. And with the location and thickness of that hair, it’s nearly impossible for them to remove on their own (especially since most men don’t know much about home hair removal). Plus, American culture has grown more interested in grooming and cleanliness for all, not just the feminine persuasion. A 2009 study found that 84% of American men engage in some kind of depilation other than shaving the face.

Men frustrated with hair on their necks, shoulders, backs, or between the brows are looking for a simple way to reduce problem hair. For more and more, the solution is laser hair removal.

Reasons Men Are Choosing Laser Hair Removal

  • Laser hair removal is more accessible than ever – The technology involved continues to advance, and laser hair removal continues to become more comfortable and easier to find. Our arsenal of lasers includes low-pain options for removing hair from anywhere on the body.*
  • It saves time – Compare removing hair on a daily basis with undergoing a few laser sessions. There’s a clear winner when it comes to which option is conserving your energy and effort.
  • It’s cheaper – While laser treatment may sound pricey, you actually save money by cutting out the costs involved in ongoing waxing or shaving.*
  • It simplifies grooming – Most men don’t like to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. When a follicle is laser-treated, it’s destroyed. By taking care of problem hair today, you rid yourself of future hair-removal sessions.*
  • It boosts confidence – Knowing that you look good and feel smooth is the ultimate confidence enhancer. Learn more about whether laser hair removal could boost your self esteem by getting in touch.

*Disclaimer: Please note that there is no guarantee of specific results. Results may vary.

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