Pondering a Peel? Which Chemical Peel is Best for You


which chemical peel is best for you

If this is your first time receiving skin care treatment, we’re here to help. You probably have a million questions before your first appointment, including: “which chemical peel is best for me?” We’re here to help answer that question. The skin care product line available at the Laser Aesthetic Center accounts for every skin type and patient preference. Read on for a guide to which one might be the right choice for your needs.

Remember: while this post is meant to serve as a helpful guide, it won’t give you a definitive response. The only way to know which chemical peel is best for you is to speak with our expert staff. Get in touch to learn more about which treatment we might recommend for your skin care needs.

“Which Chemical Peel is Best for Me?”

Our Chemical Peels page details every peel available at the Laser Aesthetic Center; please visit for even more information.

  • For dry skin: When you’re struggling with dry skin, exfoliation and cell renewal is incredibly important. Our Sensei Peel and our Ultra Peel II will help moisturize and revitalize your facial skin.*
  • For sensitive skin: We know that it can be tough to find effective treatment for sensitive, easily-irritated skin. Many treatments end up making your skin feel uncomfortable, but you want to find something that can be effective without overdoing it. To this end, we offer multiple peels that are appropriate for sensitive skin, including the Esthetique Peel.*
  • For acne: Acneic or oily skin responds well to our PCA peel, which also improves discoloration left behind by past breakouts.*
  • For first-timers worried about the process: We also offer peel alternatives for patients seeking gentler rejuvenation, including the Oxygenating Trio and the Therapeutic Pumpkin Mask.*

Does one of these peels sound like the answer to your dermal concerns? Simply contact us to learn more.

*Disclaimer: Please note that there is no guarantee of specific results. Results may vary.

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