Summer Break Tattoo Regret? We Have Your Solution!

laser treatment removal for a tattoo on calf

The his-and-hers matching tattoos you selected with your summer fling may have seemed like a great idea at the time, but if your relationship ended with the summer season, you might have what we like to call tattoo regret. Laser tattoo removal with the PicoSure laser gives you the opportunity to say goodbye to the regretted artwork and give you a clean slate.

About PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal

Unlike traditional lasers, PicoSure laser tattoo removal doesn’t rely on heat or burning to melt away tattoos. Instead, it uses rapid, short pulses of energy, called Picosecond technology, to penetrate the tattoo colors and break them up. The pulse width used in this picosecond laser is 100 times shorter than a nanosecond, which triggers a photochemical effect that can give improved results over traditional lasers. This advanced laser treatment sends lasers into the ink of the tattoo that then breaks into tiny particles that are comparable to dust. The body’s lymphatic system then absorbs these small particles and eliminates them naturally. When compared to traditional lasers, PicoSure lasers require fewer treatments and are more likely to get rid of the most stubborn inks for good.

The Benefits of PicoSure Over Other Lasers

PicoSure is safe for all skin types and is able to remove even the most stubborn recalcitrant tattoos effectively. PicoSure lasers can break up the residual ink colors – especially those stubborn black and green inks. It’s safe for all skin types, and the treatment is recommended for those looking to erase multicolored, black, or even previously treated tattoos that won’t disappear. Because PicoSure is considered a superior way to get rid of wanted tattoos, it is an excellent option for those who want excellent results in fewer sessions.

The top benefits of the PicoSure laser system are:

  • Picosecond pulse widths
  • Removes blue, black and green ink
  • Fewer sessions
  • Patient comfort

Works on All Tattoo Types

When laser tattoo removal first began, results were unreliable and dark, blown-out tattoos were some of the most challenging tattoos to remove successfully. As the procedure has been refined, PicoSure has the modern technology needed to work on all tattoo types and colors. It takes only a series of treatments to completely remove a tattoo and leave behind clear skin that doesn’t show any signs of a previous tattoo.

Not Just For Removal

If you don’t have a want or need to remove an old tattoo completely, but instead are opting to have new work placed over the same area, PicoSure laser tattoo removal can help. The system can also be used to sufficiently fade artwork to have new artwork placed. This can be especially helpful if your original artwork is very dark and you would like some shading or lighter colors in the new piece.

The Picosure Process

The PicoSure process is similar to other skin resurfacing procedures in the sense that for ideal results, it will require multiple treatment sessions. Each session typically takes 10 to 15 minutes, and most patients report only mild discomfort during treatment. When compared to traditional laser tattoo removal treatments which require between six to 12 sessions, PicoSure offers a less time consuming and more efficient solution. Depending on the size, age and color of your tattoo, most tattoos are entirely removed within two to six sessions.

Side effects are minimal, and you can return to your daily life immediately after treatment. Like any laser treatment, some level of discomfort can be expected, but most people find the treatment tolerable at worst and in most cases, comfortable.

Why Fall Is Ideal For Tattoo Removal

One of the most common questions we hear from those considering tattoo removal is, “When is the best time of year for laser tattoo removal?” Our answer is always to begin scheduling treatments during the fall and winter months. Fall and Winter are often the best seasons for laser tattoo removal because:

Your skin cannot be tanned or burned. Staying out of the sun for several weeks before and after each treatment is required. Tanned or burned skin can alter your laser tattoo removal results and will change the sensitivity to your skin. You will more than likely experience irritation during and after your treatments with sun-exposed skin.

You won’t be able to shave. The treated area of your skin will need time to heal, and it cannot be shaved, waxed or even plucked. Longer and warmer Winter clothing will easily conceal treated areas.

The Fall and Winter months make it easier to hide recently removed tattoos naturally, so you’re not continually answering questions about what is happening with your tattoo. Contact Laser Aesthetic Center to schedule a consultation appointment and get ahead of tattoo removal season.

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