Is Your Phone Aging Your Neck? (Probably)

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The skin on your neck just can’t catch a break. Not only does the face tend to receive more anti-aging attentions, the neck actually possesses more delicate skin that’s far more likely to wrinkle and prematurely age. An in 2017, there’s a whole other problem that’s wrinkling your neck skin. You might be using it this very moment, but your smartphone is actually a secret enemy to youthful skin. But it’s not hopeless – you can still text, scroll through Instagram and get a glowing complexion and a smoother neck. Keep reading for tips on skin-healthy phone habits, and the treatments that will boost your home efforts.

Avoiding Tech Neck & Dreaded Neck Lines

Tech neck” is a cute rhyme for a frustrating phenomenon. As we spend more and more time craning our heads to look down at our phone screens, neck skin spends more of the day compressed. The skin experiences increased aggravation, loses elasticity faster and wrinkles more easily. The skin on your neck is super delicate, and should actually receive more care than facial skin. But since our necks are less noticeable than our faces, we tend to overlook neck skincare. The head weighs 10-12 pounds, and that long-term craning leads to real consequences.

This is where Ultherapy can make an incredible difference. This non-invasive skin tightening treatment delivers targeted ultrasound energy deep within the skin. It actually reaches the layers of the skin responsible for collagen production. After treatment, the skin begins producing fresh collagen, and skin gradually lifts and tightens. This not only improves wrinkles on the neck, but decreases skin laxity overall.*

Other Ways Smartphones Cause Skin Problems

  • Facial acne – Whenever you make a phone call on a smartphone, a wide swath of your face rests against your phone. If you spend a healthy amount of time on the phone each day, whether for work or socially, this area of skin is exposed to oil, dirt and bacteria – sometimes for long periods. Irritation can arise in that area, with acne forming and pores becoming enlarged and clogged.
    • To avoid: Clean your phone regularly with antibacterial wipes. You should also take advantage of your speakerphone whenever possible, or try a headset if you’re frequently on calls (this can also help improve your posture).
  • Crow’s feet – Even with new iPhone models swelling in size, phone screens are still so small. We tend to squint to read text on our phones, especially if the website in question isn’t mobile-friendly. This squinting can lead to wrinkles around the eyes like crow’s feet.
    • To avoid: Change the font size settings on your font so that you can take advantage of bigger text. Try the “Reader View” when a website isn’t comfortable to read on its own. And take a break from Facebook now and then! If you have wrinkles that you’re hoping to improve, Botox is ideal for areas around the eyes and on the forehead. PicoSure Focus laser treatments will also improve a wide range of wrinkles and other skin concerns to give you an overall refresh.
  • Bunny lines – These thin lines run up the sides of the nose. They extend toward the inner corners of your eyes, and can cause subtle premature aging. Like crow’s feet, bunny lines can also be caused by squinting down at your phone screen.
    • To avoid: Follow the same tips as for crow’s feet, as the same squint-related muscles are responsible. Botox can also help with bunny lines!

If your skin is changing and you’re not looking like yourself, take action today and you’ll see great results with conservative treatment. Screen culture shouldn’t take an early toll on your looks – no matter how much time you spend on Instagram. Get in touch today to learn more about how you can give your skin a boost!

*Disclaimer: Please note that there is no guarantee of specific results. Results may vary.

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