How to Treat Your Skin in 2017

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This month, New Year’s resolutions are all we can talk about – but what about taking a look back at how last year’s went? If you’re hoping to get glowing skin in 2017, consider how your skincare efforts did in 2016 to come up with first steps. Depending on your dermal priorities, we might be able to help.

This could be the year you start really loving the skin you’re in, and we want to do everything possible to make that resolution a reality. Below, we’ve listed some common skin-related regrets that our patients voice, paired with the perfect treatment options. Seize this January momentum before it fades away! New resolutions only come around once a year.

Common New Year’s Resolutions: Skincare and Body Goals

  • Clear sun damage – Whether you spent more time than usual next to the pool last summer, or you’re seeing a buildup from years of sun exposure, brown spots are no good. And the wintertime is usually when patients start noticing them, especially as the surrounding tan fades. Sun damaged skin ages you, there’s no question about that. But in many cases, no amount of moisturizing or topicals are going to lighten those spots. Instead of spending money on ineffective home products, choose IPL treatments. These pulses of light lead brown spots to flake off the skin, leaving behind clear results. IPL treatments are appropriate for use on the hands, face, neck, and other areas frequently exposed to sunlight.*
  • Get a flatter tummy – You’re no stranger to the ubiquitous weight loss resolution. We almost all want to lose a few pounds or trim our waistlines. But if you’ve tried dieting and exercise in the past and still have problem areas, it’s possible that no amount of time at the gym will tame that problem fat. Spots like the abdomen, upper arms, thighs, and double chin resist fat loss. If you’ve been interested in slimming specific areas, CoolSculpting could be the next step. This non-invasive fat removal system freezes fat cells so that they are safely processed by the body. CoolSculpting is a great option for spot treatment – and the eliminated fat cells don’t come back.*
  • Improve acne scars – Acne is the worst. Even when your skin has cleared up, you may still be facing down scars every morning in the mirror. Who needs reminders of that stressful time? Our PicoSure Focus laser lets you leave acne scars behind. With this gentle laser skin resurfacing treatment, you can improve scars, hyperpigmentation, lines, and more. Get an overall texture and tone that you love.*
  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles – We all have those years that suddenly produce more wrinkles than others. If you’re feeling frustrated when you put on your makeup each morning, taming some lines will help you regain satisfaction with your skin. We offer a wide variety of cosmetic injections to best suit your needs. In the hands of a talented provider, Botox and dermal fillers create subtle, beautiful results. The PicoSure Focus also offers lasting wrinkle improvement.*
  • Remove a terrible tattoo – Make 2016 the last year you drag around ink that you hate. If you’ve been spending time and energy covering up a regretful tattoo, you owe it to yourself to consider laser tattoo removal. Ongoing advances in tattoo removal technology make it possible to treat even stubborn ink colors in less time. Just schedule a consultation to get an indication of how many sessions your tattoo might take to remove.*
  • Get unwanted hair under control – Summer might feel far off, but it’s on its way around the bend. And when you’re back in your swimsuit, stressful body hair is the last thing you want to worry about. If you have unwanted hair that you spend all too much time managing, laser hair removal could be ideal. Save time and money on your hair reduction by getting rid of the offending hair for good.*

Ready to Take the First Step?

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*Disclaimer: Please note that there is no guarantee of specific results. Results may vary.

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