How to Lose Arm Fat without Bulking Up

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Slim tanned woman's body.

Why must our arms be so difficult?

Whether they’re looking too flabby in a photo or refusing to shed weight even after the rest of your body is looking svelte, upper arms are an especially tough spot for women. And if you love tank tops or sundresses (and in this Chicago heat, who doesn’t?) you’ve probably felt defeated in front of the mirror. How can you get your arms in line with your body goals if they resist the effects of diet and exercise?

Well, we’ve found something that actually does work on arm fat. And while it is an aesthetic treatment, it’s completely non-invasive and won’t leave you stranded on the couch recovering afterwards. This treatment is actually downtime-free, so patients can get back to their regular life the moment they leave the office.*

We’ve got more information about this option below – but first, learn more about exactly why arm fat is so tough to shake and why spot-specific treatment is an ideal means of finally getting rid of it.

Why Does Stubborn Fat Linger in the Arms?

First, it’s important to know that your fat deposits are mostly determined by your genetics. That is, you’re likely to gain weight in the same areas as your family members. But men’s and women’s bodies also have the bad guy spots that are more likely to cling to extra fatty tissue. And for women, one of those spots is most definitely the arms.

We can gain fat anywhere that presents additional fat cells. Those cells grow as we gain fat, causing flab in the area.

But there are complicating factors than can also lead to flabby arms. For women, fat on the back of the arms can actually be due to low testosterone levels. Yes, women have testosterone just like men – it’s just much less. Since testosterone is a “lean hormone,” it can help encourage healthy muscle gain.

For women, low testosterone levels may be due to some or all of the following factors –

  • Not consuming enough protein
  • Not lifting weights
  • Poor sleep habits / not getting enough sleep
  • Increasing exposure to estrogen by consuming meat or dairy that contains hormones or using hormonal birth control

Why Did I Gain Weight in My Arms?

Weight gain typically occurs when you consume more calories than you burn. If this pattern repeats daily, you will continue to gain weight until you balance your diet and exercise. There are some foods that are more likely to lead to weight gain than others, including

  • Foods with excessive sugar – Sugar digests quickly, has minimal nutritive value, and causes the body to release insulin. When you have a high insulin level, your body is likely to store calories as fat instead of using fat for energy (i.e. burning calories)/
  • Refined grains – White bread and pasta are highly caloric, so it’s easy to overconsume calories and put yourself in a surplus for the day.

If you have a diet high in these foods, it’s going to be tough to exercise away the resulting caloric surplus. Instead, try to rethink your daily eating plan and incorporate a healthy amount of regular exercise.

How Can I Lose Arm Fat at Home?

If you’re not ready to try a professional treatment (more on that below), there are ways you can work on your arms in the comfort of your home. But remember: spot-specific exercises on their own are not likely to make a difference. You’ll need to adopt a comprehensive exercise and diet plan that takes your entire body into consideration.

  • Develop a workout that incorporates every muscle group, and lift weights
  • Alternate between cardio workouts and intervals (which switch between high-intensity and low-intensity exercises)
  • Try to reduce stress, which can reduce testosterone levels – explore options like meditation, yoga and reducing your daily work responsibilities
  • Get plenty of sleep, which helps control hunger hormones and boost your energy (leading to more effective workouts)

Discover A Spot-Specific Arm Fat Treatment

Oak Brook CoolSculpting

While a healthy diet and exercise are crucial (and not just for your arms), they’re not necessarily going to yield the results you’re really seeking. No amount of weight lifting will definitely get rid of arm fat – it will tone arm muscles, but the fat can still rest on top. And the last thing you want is for your muscles to get bulky while the flab is still in place – your arms will just look even bigger.

Instead, women are trying out CoolSculpting. This fat reduction treatment freezes fat cells in specific, problematic areas. Our new CoolSculpting applicator is actually just for the arms, so it fits perfectly around the back of the arm flab – and targets it upfront.*

Curious about CoolSculpting? Check out our body contouring Before and After photos to get a feel for what other patients have achieved. Or, better yet, schedule your completely complimentary CoolSculpting consultation today. We’ll talk more about whether you’re a candidate for treatment, and discuss your options with no commitment required.*

Schedule a free consultation today and receive $100 off treatment

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*Disclaimer: Please note that there is no guarantee of specific results. Results may vary.
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