5 Solutions for Younger-Looking Hands

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When it comes to your anti-aging routine, your mind probably goes immediately to a visual of your face and the slew of wrinkle-reducing creams and serums. But the skin on your face and neck aren’t the only areas that give away your age.

Preserving your youthful look also requires attention to the delicate, and often abused skin on your hands. Take extra care of this vital area with these 5 solutions for younger-looking hands.

Why Do My Hands Look Prematurely Old?

Hold out your hands and take a close look at their appearance. Is your skin taut and youthful, or are your hands looking more like your grandmother’s with every present wrinkle and crevice?

When it comes to your hands, the top factors that make them look old are:

Age Spots. Actually caused by damage from the sun, age spots show up on your skin when exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays without proper protection.

Crepey Skin. The backs of your hands are suddenly resembling a piece of crumpled-up paper that is unfolded.

Prominent Veins. Dark-colored veins make themselves known through the skin’s surface. Loose skin that slides around only makes them more prominent.

Dry Skin. Nothing about dry, scaly skin screams “young and healthy.” If left untreated, dry skin can become so cracked that it causes the skin to bleed leaving scabs on the skin’s surface.

Stained Fingernails. If you’re experiencing yellow or brown fingernails that’s accompanied by pain, it’s likely a fungal infection and should be treated by a doctor ASAP.

Brittle Fingernails. Things like water or chemical exposure, seasonal weather changes, and even genetics can lead to brittle fingernails that are always breaking.

Home Products for Hand Care

Achieving and maintaining flawless skin requires a daily commitment and routine that you commit to following more often than every once in a while. Keep your hands hydrated, and smooth looking with these home care recommendations for hand care.

Step 1 – Exfoliate. Exfoliate your hands at least once a week with sugar scrubs or peel pads.

Step 2 – Retinol. It’s not just for your face. One of the best ingredients for anti-aging, using retinol on your hands one or two nights a week will help keep the skin firm.

Step 3 – Sunscreen.  The most important thing you can do for the skin on your hands is to apply sunscreen. Reapplying throughout the day with an SPF 40 will help lock in moisture, and keep your skin protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

If you’re looking for a recommendation on specific brands or products that we love and use ourselves, ask us for a recommendation!

Professional Anti-Aging Treatments for Happy Hands

As you get older, your body produces less elastin and collagen – also known as the proteins that allow your skin to stretch. This causes your skin to look thin and crepey, and your hands might need an extra, well, hand when it comes to restoring their youthful appearance.

Laser Aesthetic Center can help you restore your skin with proven treatments such as:

IPL – For Brown Spot Removal

Intense pulsed light treatments utilize advanced technology that is non-invasive to remove brown spots and sun spots anywhere on the face, hands, legs or anywhere else on the body. Laser Aesthetic Center offers IPL treatments with Cutera’s LimeLight Facial.

Picosure Focus Skin Renewal

This technology operates with briefer pulses than any other laser, allowing us to treat unwanted pigmentation, wrinkles, and acne scars without damaging the surrounding healthy skin. Picosure Focus is suitable for nearly any patient looking to revitalize their skin, and can lift years from your appearance leaving your skin more youthful and radiant.

Don’t let the appearance of your hands keep you from feeling as confident and youthful as you feel. Schedule a consultation with Laser Aesthetic Center today to learn more about your options for restoring your hands’ youthful appearance.

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