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*Wheaton brown spot removal

You’re fed up with brown spots on your skin aging you and marring your complexion. Once you’ve reached a place of frustration, it’s time to take a step toward clear skin and confidence. But what’s the right path?

With the number of skin care treatments available, narrowing down your options can feel overwhelming. Wheaton brown spot removal at the Laser Aesthetic Center takes a more focused approach. Our IPL treatments are specifically for brown spots on the skin, and they tackle the problem in a direct, comfortable, and low-commitment fashion.*

How Do IPL Treatments Work?

Before getting started with IPL treatments, you will meet with one of our talented estheticians. During this conversation, we will examine your skin and decide on the appropriate course of action. We prioritize patient needs – your treatment will be based on your own skin and the treatment process with which you are most comfortable.

Once we’ve decided on IPL treatments, your experience will follow these steps:

  1. Prior to treatment, cooling gel will be applied to the skin. You will also be given dark goggles to wear to protect your eyes from the light.
  2. Our Cutera LimeLight Facial™ has multiple settings that cater to individual skin types, as well as brown vs. red spots. Your aesthetician will adjust the handpiece to match your needs.
  3. During treatment, the skin is exposed to brief pulses of light. This light energy reaches the dermis, heating excessive pigmentation.
  4. Treatment will give you a mild stinging sensation, which many patients liken to a rubber band being snapped against the skin. The cooling gel will help with any discomfort.
  5. Your treatment session will be over in less than one hour.
  6. Since IPL treatments are non-ablative, the surface of the skin isn’t damaged, and there is almost no downtime. While there will be some redness after treatment, simply wearing makeup will cover that and allow you to go about daily activities without self-consciousness.
  7. Within the two weeks after treatment, the brown spots on your skin will flake and peel harmlessly away, leaving your skin clearer and firmer.*
  8. While many patients see their desired results with one treatment, some benefit from up to 3 treatment sessions, spaced out over several months.*

You can get answers to more of your questions about the LimeLight Facial™ online, or get in touch to schedule a Wheaton brown spot removal consultation.

*Disclaimer: Please note that there is no guarantee of specific results. Results may vary.

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