Chicago Laser Tattoo Removal

Chicago laser tattoo removal

The PicoSure laser is effective on most ink colors and strengths – schedule a consultation to get an idea of what it could do for your tattoo

We all make mistakes – but some are a little longer lasting than others. As tattoos become more and more popular, so does ink removal. It’s tough to know that the design, phrase, or image you choose is going to remain meaningful or attractive for life. But many people with tattoos just put up with their regrets, feeling like removal isn’t going to be thorough enough to make the commitment worth it.

With the PicoSure Laser, that all changes. Chicago laser tattoo removal has never been simpler or more effective. This picosecond laser shatters ink particles of all colors and depths, leading to clearer skin and far less noticeable (and sometimes completely removed) ink. And it does so without scarring healthy skin or causing other unwanted side effects.* Sound to good to be true? Read on to learn more, or fill out the form below to arrange your own complimentary consultation.

Choosing Your Laser Tattoo Removal in Chicago

Tattoo removal lasers have been around for some time – and they continue to evolve. If you’ve tried laser tattoo removal in the past and found the results disappointing, we urge you to try again with a new laser. The PicoSure offers a few unique advantages over many tattoo removal lasers:*

  • Effective on more ink colors – Saddled with a light blue or light green tattoo that you can’t seem to shake? The PicoSure is effective on an incredibly wide range of ink colors, allowing you to lighten even troublesome ink.*
  • Adjustable spot size – The PicoSure can treat small or large tattoos in similar amounts of time, allowing you to speed through treatment.*
  • Picosecond pulse widths – The picosecond pulse widths work harder in less time, shattering stubborn ink particles so that you can move on quickly.*

We’re thrilled with the results our patients have seen with laser tattoo removal, and we would love to help you share that experience.* Just get in touch.

*Disclaimer: Please note that there is no guarantee of specific results. Results may vary.

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