QUIZ: Is Ultherapy Right For You?

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Skin looking a little looser than you’d like?

We’ve all been there – one day, you look in the mirror and you’re stunned to see a new wrinkle that you hadn’t noticed before. Over time, this line may deepen or it may stay the same, but no matter what it can totally consume your thoughts. You want to look and feel confident, and that frustrating wrinkle distracts you every time you look at a photo of yourself or wash your face.

For some, loose skin has even larger ramifications – it can sag down over the eyes, compromising sight and making you look tired.

What can I do about loose skin?

Whether you’re experiencing one or more of these problems, you want more information about what you can possibly to do fix it. And, if you’re like most folks, you’re not interested in a more invasive treatment like a face lift. You want something that will tighten skin but won’t knock you off your feet for weeks. You want to look like your old self again, not pull your skin so tight that your face looks … different.

At Laser Aesthetic Center, we’ve seen many of our patients experience a positive change with an ultrasound treatment called Ultherapy. You could be the next one to love your results – but you do need to fit a specific profile to be a good candidate.

We’ve distilled some of the factors that determine good candidates into a quiz that will just take 2-3 minutes. This should help you start thinking about the questions that determine your eligibility – and prepare you for an Ultherapy consultation.

Are You An Ultherapy Candidate?

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What’s the next step?

Although this quiz can help establish your candidacy, you can’t know whether Ultherapy is ideal until you’ve met with a provider. We offer free consultations to make this as simple and convenient as possible. If you’re ready to schedule yours, just fill out this form to connect with our staff. We look forward to helping you tackle loose skin and love your results!

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*Disclaimer: Please note that there is no guarantee of specific results. Results may vary.

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