Finally, a Fix for Flabby Arms

before and after Hinsdale CoolSculpting for upper arms

If you’ve resigned your arms to a prison of endless sleeves, this treatment could help you confidently bare your skin again.

Our arms accomplish so much – but their appearance doesn’t always match their capability. And as you age, you might notice your arms becoming less toned and more flabby. Unless you’re regularly performing arm-oriented exercises, these areas don’t necessarily get the workouts they need to stay slim. Pair that with the high visibility of the arm areas and you’ve got a perfect storm for self-consciousness.

What can you do about sagging skin on your arms? While diet and exercise can have an impact, they’re not necessarily going to be spot-specific and reduce the arm fat that bothers you the most. Fortunately, there’s now a treatment option that will address the exact problem spots you’re hoping to slim – and it’s called CoolSculpting. Below, we detail just why your arms may be feeling flabby, and why CoolSculpting is such a great option for the area.

Why Are Flabby Arms So Common?

Plenty of women’s clothing designers create dresses, tops and cover-ups that specifically address the arm area. It’s thought to be “best” for a woman to start covering her upper arms as she ages – and we want to change this. If you love sundresses, you shouldn’t have to relegate them to Goodwill once your arms have reached a certain age.

But with the number of women that experience arm flab, it’s understandable why they’re hesitant to show their biceps. Weight gain, low testosterone levels, and arm inactivity conspire to add fat in the area. We’ve written about the causes of arm fat before, but there’s an additional pesky component that we didn’t give the attention it deserves –  dreaded underarm fat.

Fighting Underarm Fat

For women, underarms can be big problems. Between managing body hair and trying to keep your armpit area looking slim and tight, there’s a whole lot of attention paid to a pretty unglamorous area.

Many women notice a bulge between their arm and breast even when they have not experienced weight gain elsewhere in their body. So what’s the cause of this super annoying fat? It’s likely all about your breasts. Your breast tissue may push up or down, especially if you have a large chest. If you wear a bra that does not fit correctly, this also contributes to fat moving to areas you’d rather not see it.

Some women have polymastia, a condition that specifically causes them to develop breast tissue in their armpits and the area surrounding the breasts. See your doctor if you suspect this might be the case or you are concerned about your breast tissue for any reason.

If you have excess fat under your arms, your clothes can look or feel like they don’t fit properly, your bra can dig into your skin and feel uncomfortable, and you might feel too anxious to wear sleeveless clothing. We want to help you avoid all of these frustrating factors – read on to learn how.

How to Address Arm Fat

As we’ve mentioned, there is no home solution for fat reduction on a spot-by-spot basis. Spot reducing actually isn’t even possible, although some diets and exercise regimens would have you believe that it’s the answer. We all store weight differently based on our DNA – in different places, at different ages and to different extents.

While diet and exercise are important, there’s only so much they can do. After you’ve spent time eating right and keeping yourself on a healthy exercise regimen, you’ve probably noticed awesome changes across your body. You’re probably feeling more energetic, your waist may have slimmed down, and you’re loving the way you feel when you wake up in the morning. But your arms might not be following suit.

Even if you’ve been completing upper-body exercises like pushups and biceps curls, it’s important to note that those tone muscles but do do reduce fat. You will need to pair them with calorie burning exercise like running or swimming to see your toned muscles showing through.

So: what a frustrated but healthy person to do?

Why Is CoolSculpting A Good Fix for Arm Flab?

CoolSculpting is often discussed as the perfect treatment for problem fat on the torso, from the abdomen to the sides. But with a new handpiece designed specifically for the arms, fat freezing is suddenly ideal for an entirely new group of candidates.

Fat freezing lowers cells in the treatment area to a temperature that kills fat, but leaves healthy cells unaffected. This way, you can treat fat at its source – and see slimmer arms in your future.

If you’ve been trying to tone and slim your arms for months or years, you owe it to yourself to learn more. Take our CoolSculpting quiz to learn whether you’re a likely candidate – and get in touch with our team to schedule your free consultation and get one-on-one, personalized CoolSculpting advice.

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