CoolSculpting: The Ultimate Beach Accessory

woman at the beach

Did you make a promise to yourself back in January that this would be the summer you finally feel comfortable in a bathing suit? If so, you’re likely wondering where the time went. It’s not too late to indulge in a little body contouring before summer officially comes to a close. CoolSculpting offers the ability to slim and smooth the body without any required surgery or downtime.

Make the most of those final warm-weather days and achieve the ultimate beach body with CoolSculpting.

Freeze Away Unwanted Fat

CoolSculpting works differently than any other type of body contouring procedures in today’s market. Rather than using suction or heat to eliminate fat cells, CoolSculpting uses a revolutionary process known as cryolipolysis. This Targeted cooling treatment uses cryolipolysis to destroy fat cells so that the body can naturally eliminate them. The procedure requires no use of heat or surgery to sculpt the body leading to a lesser risk of damage to the surrounding skin and tissue.

Dramatic and Long-Lasting Results

CoolSculpting treatments can entirely destroy targeted fat cells. This creates a permanent method of body contouring, allowing for your CoolSculpting results to last indefinitely. Once CoolSculpting kills off fat cells, they do not regenerate and return. However, if you gain weight after your treatment, you may regain fat in the treated areas or other areas on the body. Destroying existing fat cells will not prevent new fat cells from appearing. A healthy lifestyle is vital to preserving the results achieved from CoolSculpting. A person who does not exercise or maintains an unhealthy diet may soon see the fat return to treatment areas.

If new deposits of fat do form in the future, additional treatments can be performed to preserve your positive results.

No Vacation Time Required

Traditional fat removal procedures, such as liposuction, have changed a lot over the years. While they are less invasive than they used to be, they still require incisions and some type of surgery. This means that, even though you’ll be getting the results you want, your vacation time will be used for resting, recovering, and healing to be able to show off your new summer body.

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment that requires little or no discomfort during and after the procedure. No general anesthesia is required, which means your risk of side effects and post-procedural symptoms are incredibly minimal. Patients can typically return to their regular activities immediately following treatment without any telling signs that they just had a body contouring procedure. Save your precious vacation time for fun in the sun with a body sculpting treatment that can be easily fit into your daily routine.

There’s Still Time

You may not see immediate dramatic results from your CoolSculpting procedure before the end of summer. However, the benefits of CoolSculpting aren’t just summer accessories. The holiday season is well on its way, meaning months of gatherings with family and friends. Now is the ideal time to begin looking and feeling your best. Some patients start to see results as soon as three weeks, with the most dramatic results within two to three months. You can help to maintain, or even further your results by adopting a regular exercise routine and altering your diet to include healthier food choices.

You’ll Thank Yourself Next Summer

If you’ve put off focusing on your summer body, and have unwanted problem areas of fat on your body, CoolSculpting is just the treatment you need. The results achieved from CoolSculpting are considered permanent, meaning your results will last for all of your summers to come. Laser Aesthetic Center can help you to achieve your summer body in just a few short weeks, so what are you waiting for? Call today to learn more about why CoolSculpting is the ultimate beach accessory.

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