Hinsdale laser tattoo removal

Celebrate the tattoos you love…..clear the ones you regret. Whether it is your ex’s name that is still “inking” on your body, a tattoo that made you feel cool back in the day or simply a change of heart, we have the solution for you.

The next best thing is here. We have added the latest and most advanced laser tattoo removal technology to our medical office. The Laser Aesthetic Center is one of the few centers in the Midwest that have the capabilities to offer the PicoSure laser. The PicoSure sets the standard for the newest generation of tattoo removal devices because it delivers the fastest and most effective tattoo clearance available, with the power to remove even the most stubborn inks.*

If you have tried laser tattoo removal in the past and not seen ideal results, we urge you to try again with PicoSure. This advanced laser is able to remove ink colors and types previously thought impossible to treat, with fewer overall treatment sessions.*

Hinsdale laser tattoo removal


The PicoSure Advantage

Hinsdale laser tattoo removal

The old generation of tattoo removal systems revolved around the Q-Switched laser technology, which, after a very long series of treatments, slowly faded basic tattoos without having the ability to fully clear some colors. The PicoSure works in a very different way. The PicoSure emits pulses that hit ink particles with much greater pressure, causing the ink to shatter into much smaller particles, which are then absorbed and eliminated by the body’s natural processes. Because these particles are smaller and shorter than those created by Q-switched lasers, PicoSure’s overall results are more complete,  eliminating even stubborn blue, green, and light-colored inks in much fewer treatments.*

A few of the PicoSure’s unique benefits include:

  • Picosecond pulse widths – The incredibly short pulses shatter ink particles. The pulses require less energy and produce less heat than Q-switched lasers, resulting in minimal to no damage to surrounding skin, and fewer overall treatments.*
  • Success with blue and green inks – If you have attempted laser tattoo removal in the past for a green/blue tattoo, you may not have seen optimal results. With the PicoSure, your tattoo removal will prove more effective as all ink colors, including greens and blues, are completely cleared.*
  • Fewer tattoo removal sessions – PicoSure patients typically require 4-7 treatment sessions, rather than the 12-20 associated with Q-switched lasers. The overall process will also be shorter, taking 4-8 months (compared to 12-18 months to sometimes even more).*
  • Heightened patient comfort – PicoSure treatment is more comfortable throughout, with fewer side effects and limited-to-no collateral skin damage.*

Laser Tattoo Removal Experience

  1. Before your first session, we will complete a consultation to determine your treatment plan. During this appointment, we will examine your tattoo and consider certain factors that dictate treatment (like size, ink type, ink depth, ink colors).
  2. During sessions, the sensation of the laser is similar to that of receiving a tattoo (although the process is much faster). We will work with you to ensure that you are comfortable with the process, taking breaks during treatment if need be.
  3. Your tattoo removal sessions will be spaced several weeks apart, to allow healing to take place between treatments. You will be provided with care instructions for your skin.
  4. There will be some swelling and redness between treatments, alleviated by moisturizing. If you ever have questions about the healing process, contact us for assistance.
  5. Once your treatment sessions are complete, your tattoo will continue to fade as the PicoSure sessions effect the fullest possible results. We will evaluate the treatment site after healing is complete and determine whether you might benefit from additional sessions.

Types of Tattoos & Removal Potential

Hinsdale tattoo removal

Every tattoo is unique. Tattoo artists use different types, amounts, and colors of ink, leading to a need for specialized tattoo removal. Depending on the type of tattoo you possess, you will require a certain number of treatment sessions. The PicoSure is appropriate for any of the following:

  • Professional tattoo (highest number of treatment sessions)
  • Amateur tattoo
  • Cosmetic/makeup tattoo
  • Medical tattoo
  • Preparation for cover-up tattoo – Tattoos can be lightened in preparation for a cover-up tattoo. In order for the skin to heal adequately, we may recommend that you wait six weeks between your last PicoSure treatment and receiving your new tattoo.

U.S. Military Tattoo Policy

The U.S. Military continues to tighten its tattoo visibility policy, leading those in service or considering the military to turn toward tattoo removal. PicoSure is an ideal route toward clear skin and a fresh start – professionally and personally. With the speed of overall treatment, we can have your skin service-ready within months.

Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

We will estimate the cost of your tattoo removal at your initial consultation, considering the following:

  • Size – The width and height of your tattoo in square inches determines how many laser sessions the entire treatment will likely take, as well as the length of individual sessions.

Tattoo Removal Results

Hinsdale laser tattoo removal resultsHinsdale laser tattoo removal results

View More Tattoo Removal Results in our Before & After Gallery*

You deserve a life without tattoo-related regrets. Simply get in touch to schedule a consultation.

*Please note that there is no guarantee of specific results. Results may vary.