Skincare Experts Predict 2017 Trends – Guess What Tops the List

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woman splashing face with water following skincare trends


Trying to figure out what’s right for your skin? Staying on top of emerging technologies is always a good idea – but don’t dive into something new unless you’ve spoken with an expert first. Make sure newly developed products and technologies are tried, tested and proven safe and effective. We can help you pick the brands and treatments that not only have a great track record, but are ideal for your unique needs.

Looking for some new skincare recommendations? NewBeauty just released a video that compiles a group of experts’ top tips and comments on what’s popular this year. While some of the trends are new and different, there’s one popular treatment that doesn’t surprise us. Watch till the end of the video to see which treatment nearly every expert mentions as the one that they’re excited by and that the public is embracing.


Embracing Preventative Anti-Aging

A good portion of this video discusses the trend of millennials moving toward preventative anti-aging treatments. With all we know about skincare today (and the proliferation of that information via the internet), it’s no surprise that a younger audience is stepping on board. Ongoing sun protection, as well as conservative treatments like peels, facials and some injectables can prevent wrinkles early on.

Preventative Botox has been gaining a foothold in recent years, with patients starting treatment at the first signs of wrinkles. Those in their 20’s and early 30’s who have only faint lines can actually stop wrinkles before they form. If there is a sign on the skin of where the lines will deepen as they develop, skilled Botox providers can intervene and halt wrinkling skin in its tracks.

Even if you’re no longer in your 20’s or 30’s, you can still stop sun damage and other causes of aging skin. Always wear sunscreen and use moisturizer daily. Make sure your skin is getting the pampering, protection and hydration that it craves. It’s always simpler to avoid problems that to treat entrenched concerns.

Why CoolSculpting Is The Height of Body Contouring

As you saw at the end of the video, body contouring is on everyone’s mind. Not only are more and more patients asking for CoolSculpting, but the experts interviewed also cited it as one of the technologies they were excited to explore. Like we mentioned, this doesn’t surprise us – CoolSculpting offers patients so much, and accomplishes stellar results with little to no downtime.*

CoolSculpting patients are now able to treat the arms, double chin, sides, abdomen, and flanks, and accomplish all that without any kind of invasive measures. Treatment destroys about 25% of the fat cells in the treated area, with results gradually appearing in a natural way. We now offer an updated CoolSculpting handpiece that reduces treatment time – and if you’re treating 2 sides (as with love handles or arms), we can treat both areas at once to reduce time spent in the office.*

If you’ve been frustrated by stubborn fat, now is the time to take a big stride forward. You owe it to yourself to learn more about CoolSculpting, without making any commitment – our consultations are always free, and serve as an opportunity for you to learn more without any pressure. Get in touch today to schedule yours.

*Disclaimer: Please note that there is no guarantee of specific results. Results may vary.

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